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Did that get your attention? That's exactly what happened with my class of 113 real estate agents in the Minneapolis, MN area in April and May.  How did they do it?  They attending a class I facilitate called BOLD-Business Objective a Life by Design. Why Denver in the headline.  Because that's wh...
How many times have you found yourself, much like me, attending a conference, presentation, seminar and the presenter and/or the facility is ill prepared to make the most of the time? This may sound curt on my part, yet I find it interesting how many "professionals" don't truly understand the imp...
         A number of years ago....there was a popular song and the lyrics of the chorus were.       The Song was performed by a group called "The Five Man Electrical Band."  Not sure whatever happened to them..I do know that decades later...the lyrics still race through my mind while I drive thro...
I used to watch the ABC Reality show "Extreme Makeover" whenever I needed a little bit of a "feel good" cry.  The why my emotions would be worked in that 2 hour segment is amazing.  In the back of my mind I always had the thought "How can the family afford to maintain a house like this?"  I guess...
I always love when someone shares a great story....this might be a little bit of a shameless plug...but what the hey!  Yesterday morning we had a power point presentation fom a our operating principal...Darren Kittleson who comes from Madison to Milwaukee to help us in our recruitment efforts to ...
    A number of AR folks sent e-mails to tell me that we had shifted or blog to one side....and I  have deleted and shrunk pictures and put them back luck...            I can only explain it as a part of the wild enthusiasm we have for our new association with         If you want an earfu...
Here's a broker comment line from our local MLS: So here are my questions: Is this statement in the best interest of the Seller?  (A short sale seller I'm told) Are the statements of this broker risky for stating future value? How about the business hours of this brokerage--truly in the clients b...
Ok... so I'm going to vent just a little this morning. I had to travel to Bozeman, MT for a meeting today.  I arrived at the airport 1 hour before the flight was to depart.  This is usually more than enough window of time in my small town airport (Dane County/Madison WI).  My flight was with Delt...
Haven't heard of it?  Well it's a magical tool that allows me to virtually be throughout all of the web 2.0 at 1 time.  It's really a tool that allows you to 1 stop post and autofeed that out to many different sites at once.  From Social Media sites to blogs to Microblogs--all in 1 spot and from...

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