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We talk about different issues facing homeowners, landlords, real estate agents, and property managers when it comes to insurance. We write about Homes, Vacant Homes, Investment Properties, Apartment Buildings, and Commercial Properties. For quotes or advice go to our website at or call us at 888-438-4544.
We have gained access to a new product for us in Florida for landlords with 5 or more rental properties; commercial, residential, condo, vacant or occupied. I have written a few lately and we were thinking about putting together a marketing strategy to market the product to property managers in F...
*Reprinted from my blog at Just like independent insurance agents, real estate agents need errors and omissions insurance. Check out these features for Real Estate Agents E&O Bodily Injury and Property Damage resulting from a covered professional service(s). Discip...
Example of a Builders Risk policy offered by our agency.     Product Builders Risk COVERAGES ·     Debris Removal ·     Fire Department Services Charge ·     Trees, Shrubs & Plants ·     Pollution Cleanup ·     Transit Coverage ·     Temporary Storage Coverage DEDUCTIBLES ·     Standard Residenti...
We're Looking for Bloggers to Write About Mortgages, Loans, and Rates, Real Estate, and creative investing! We want the traditional funding updates as well as new and creative ways to fund and find real estate. If you are a lender, real estate agent, or mortgage blogger and are interested leverag...
Plagiarized from my blog at I have abbreviated the post here. For the full blog please visit my.., well.., blog. Thanks. Different types of homes require different types of insurance. How the home is built will determine what type of insurance you can buy, how...
Reprinted from There are a lot of investors looking at Detroit as a great place to buy cheap real estate. The thinking is if you can purchase a home with renovations included for $35,000, you can quickly turn a profit. Most homes in Detroit are brick, beautifu...
General practice professionals are necessary in life. They are usually the least expensive person for what you need. They have a general understanding and can handle simple transactions. A specialist is usually more expensive but has the expertise and product to possibly save you money. A special...
If you are looking for a landlord insurance policy or are thinking about trying another agent to insure your investment home, here is a list of possible discounts you may want to make sure you are getting. Claims Free Discount Multi Policy Discount Good Credit or Financial Responsibility Score Ye...
For the third time this year, Congress failed to fund the Flood Insurance and COBRA subsidies programs beyond their last temporary extension, and both programs have expired as of 12:01 am, June 1st. Congress is scheduled to return from its Memorial Day recess on June 7, and hopefully will work on...
Many tenants and landlords may be confused as to who covers what or how and what they can collect if either party suffers a loss. Right now you are probably saying, "What the heck are you talking about?!?" Insurance like real estate is a very complex and misunderstood industry.  Most people who a...

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