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Freddie Mac Enhances Mortgage Modification SoftwareMonday, March 22nd, 2010 Freddie Mac (FRE: 1.28 -3.03%) made adjustments to its Workout Prospector software package, used by its approved servicers to modify its distressed mortgages. Servicers can enter a Freddie Mac loan number and other data ...
In Hawaii foreclosure law Judicial Foreclosure and non-Judicial foreclosure both approaches are used. In Hawaii state foreclosure timeline ranges up to 60 days. Hawaii foreclosure law gives endorsement to deed of trust and mortgage as primary security instruments. Hawaii foreclosure law does not ...
  SEO solutions are the perfect means to make a site search engine friendly. Search engines play a big role in determining the success or the failure of an online site. Studies undertaken by leading research agencies have indicated that more than 90% of the people search information in the intern...
An old school blog I wrote that gives insight and thinks outside the box for us in the industry. It doesn’t take a lot of research to find out that in this day and age, virtually every business of any real size has developed some form of internet presence.  Now, for many businesses, that may mean...
Fellow Active Rainers - I'd like to announce that I have relocated to Maui and have joined the company Hawaii Property Preservation LLC. Hawaii Property Preservation is an extension of LG Holding Company. They service Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. Take a read below to see what HPP is all about. ...
Looking for CheeseEvery now and then a business book comes along that revolutionaries how the business world views an area of focus.  One such book had the amusing title “Who Moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson.  This short book that is illustrated like a children’s story has some profound ideas ...
Courting Public Favor   At first glance, it is a bit surprising when you see how much some powerful and prominent businesses in every community bend every effort to court public favor.  Almost any community of significant size in the country has a business section in the paper.  And subscribers t...
Business goes to CyberspaceIt is a well known axiom of doing business in any industry that those who do not stay in step with the times will be those companies that eventually die out.  There is no place where that truism is more evident than in the way that companies in virtually every business ...
One of the most important talents any management team of a business can have is to be able to detect changes in the marketplace and adjust how the business operates to function in that new market.  Some call it “thinking outside the box” and others refer to this talent as “working with a new para...

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