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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Vision Realty
Donald Payne, Founder of Vision Realty, has been the REALTOR® of choice for buyers and sellers since 1979. Donald specializes in helping first-time homebuyers, new families, single families and more in Columbus real estate.
Buying a house in one state when you live in another can sound like a tricky proposition but if you prepare yourself and have the right resources, it can be a pretty smooth transaction. Here's what you should know about buying a home out of state.#1. Make sure you have a buyers agent. Regardless ...
I'm sure there are several things but this one thing really reveals how old a kitchen is... The pop-out window in the kitchen. We've all seen them, heck we might even still have one, but you know what I'm talking about; those pop out glass windows in a kitchen, usually over the sink, that homeown...
It's that time again for the Franklin County Board of Revision to hear any formal complaints on property valuations or disputes on the rental registration fees that of been charged to selected properties. These complaints can be accepted from the end of November 2019 through the end of March 2020...
It's one degree this morning… 1°, and even that is warmer than some places around the country right now. We are seeing record-breaking low temperatures across the US. I even saw a Facebook post of the cold coming through light switch sockets, that's how cold, dang, that's cold! People are freezin...
We've all had those clients, you know the ones, they take up your time, call you all hours of the day and night, spend hours with you and then end up going with another agent. This is exhausting and infuriating so how do you tell a time-wasting client that they are fired?Of course, we want to giv...
Most of the US has been enjoying fairly successful economic situations but we still want to save a penny here or there when we can. If you're looking to upgrade your home to save money here are 10 of the smartest things you can do.#1. Install that programmable thermostat.No, it doesn't need to be...
I wish I could shout this from the mountaintops... or at least until everyone knows. Too many unsuspecting buyers fall victim to this and have no idea there is a better way. I can't tell you how many buyers I have talked to that think they must go through the listing agent to buy the home. I actu...
Probably one of the most common phone calls I get right after someone has purchased a home is if they are paying their mortgage to the right person. You might think you're getting your home loan through X company but within a couple of weeks or maybe even before you make your first mortgage payme...
If you are like me, you've probably left your Christmas shopping to the last minute, but that's okay, there are a lot of places to shop in Columbus. I'm going to highlight some of our favorites.The Polaris Fashion Place is located at 1500 Polaris Pkwy. in Columbus and features over 150 retailers ...
I love inspirational quotes and messages, I mean, who doesn't? In a world where there is so much negativity and hate, looking for the good in people can be tricky and finding inspiration seems more and more like a national treasure hunt. But when we do find those nuggets of goodness what do we do...

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