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Do you have a Home Loan with Bank of America? Avoid Foreclosure.Homeowners you have Options to Avoid a Foreclosure.Short Selling your Home is an Alternative to Avoid a Foreclosure.Let us help you get Short Sale Qualified, Today.Don Alexander REALTOR(R)1st Prime Realty619-581-4255Ca.DRE.Lic.01456248
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Short Sale Assistance, 1st Prime Realty is here to help... Get Help today. 1st Prime Realty assist Home Owners in the Short Sales process. What's a Short Sale? Its selling your Home for Less than you Owe. Example: Home Bought in 2004 for $350,000, Home Owners are in a Financial Hardship, because Loss of Income. Mortgage Payments are 3months behind. Home Owner Contacts 1st Prime Realty, Home Owner Authorized the Sale, Marketing Plan Locates a Qualified Buyer, Offer $180,000 with acceptable Terms/Condition, Submitted to the Foreclosing Bank, with Short Sales Package, Bank reviews the Offer, Senior Management Approves, Sends Letter approving Short Sale, Home Owners Signs, Home Buyers Sign, Escrow Closed, and Home Owners are able to move forward without a Foreclosure. Short Sale Approved. The above is only an example, the Short Sales process, has many stages, and a Trained Short Sales Broker should always assist Home Owners in the Sale of their Home. 1st Prime Realty is a Certified Short Sales Real Estate Brokerage by the National Association of REALTORS, and has been given the Short Sales, Foreclosure Resource Designation. We strive to assist all Home Owners who are seeking a Short Sale of their home. Not all Short Sales are approved, the determination depends on many Factors, and your Financial Hardship is the Primary concerns of Most Banks. If you are a Home Owner, and have a Legitimate Financial Harship call 1st Prime Realty, we would like to help. Financial Hardships: *Loss of Income. *Job Loss. *Relocation. *Divorce /or Legal Separation. *Illness. *Death of Spouse/ or Partner. *Victims of Mortgage Fraud. etc. Call us today for more information. Don Alexander REALTOR/Broker 1st Prime Realty 619-581-4255 D.R.E Lic.#01456248 • Location: El Cajon Enlarge Picture Enlarge Picture Enlarge Picture