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My first effort at blogging is intended to provide readers with timely, relevant, and occasionally entertaining information about a variety of topics. I hope you enjoy it!
If you're in the Merrimack Valley/North Shore/Rockingham County, NH area and having trouble moving your listings or attacting buyers, I have access to some programs that may be able to help you.I'm a Mortgage Consultant looking for progressive real estate agents operating in my market area that a...
About a week ago, I posted an article on ActiveRain that I had originally written for my newsletter.  The article discusses my wife's experience with cancer, and can be seen here:  I received the following email from my neighbor:You've r...
I can remember being a little kid and being so impressed with cars that had power windows.  Whenever I got a chance to ride in a car with those little buttons that made the windows go up and down, I simply couldn't resist the allure of playing with them.  I would pull the silver switch back to ma...
Depending on who you talk to, the percentage of turnover among sales people entering the profession and then exiting within 3 years is somewhere between 65 and 85 percent.  Why is it that a profession that offers virtually unlimited control over personal income and time have such a poor record of...
There are few words in the English language that elicit a more visceral response than the word "cancer", yet there are few of us who haven't been touched by it, either directly through our own experience or that of a spouse, child or parent; or indirectly through the experience of a relative, fri...
If you want to spark a debate among friends, bring up the subject of healthy eating.  There's so much contradictory information out there about what constitutes healthy eating, you're bound to touch a nerve.  My own experience with healthy eating is perhaps a little counter-intuitive, but my resu...
I work with a lot of first time home buyers and have learned over the years that the one thing most of them have in common is they don't have a very solid understanding of what they can afford to spend on a new home.  This is the first of a two part series to help you gain a better understanding ...
Joe Stumpf, founder of By Referral Only has written an excellent response to the Leslie Stahl interview on his blog, Joe's Journal.  Here is a link to his site:   
When talking with Real Estate agents I've found that a good percentage view Open Houses as generally ineffective, and conduct them only to placate the wishes of their clients.  Here's an Open House strategy that may improve traffic to your open house, making them more productive and enjoyable.Whe...
One of the areas of mortgage planning that is often misunderstood is the concept of building equity.  Generally, we're conditioned to view a mortgage as a necessary evil, something to be paid off as soon as possible.  With that goal in mind, many people choose to take out a 15 year term instead o...

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My first effort at blogging is intended to provide readers with timely, relevant, and occasionally entertaining information about a variety of topics, including mortgages, real estate, and whatever else I happen to be interested in at the moment. I hope you enjoy it!