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Thanksgiving done OUR way..........        By now most of you realize I ( we, lady G and I ) don't always beat to the same drummer as the rest of the world.   While families were gathered around the table we took a different approach. Every other year we set out for a hike, yes a hike. 2 years ag...
   How rich are you ?        Now for those of you who know me I have never been about material things. I have always been content with gas in the tank and a few bucks in the bank.          Life is more than what we have.                           It is what we share and believe in, it's who we ar...
Motivation Monday : Can you adjust     As many people know it's a short week for all. Clients are away, businesses are closed and you yourself have made plans for the holiday some even have expanded their plans to take the whole weekend. Well with time running short what will you do.             ...
  Franklin Mass Holiday Stroll Thursday Dec 1,2011                          If you have not already saved the date now is the time to do so.                              Thursday December 1st 4-7 p.m.   It all starts at 4 p.m. at Dean College, Dean Hall for the tree lighting ceremony and Christma...
Lets talk Turkey              Now with Thanksgiving right around the corner let's remember the basic rules of Turkey.   How much Turkey will you need ?    Well the rule of thumb goes as follows:          1 to 1 1/2 pounds per adult and a 1/2 lb per child. Now this is the basics but if there are s...
Franklin High School Boys Hockey Comedy Night.                            Franklin High School Booster Club presents the Annual Comedy Night. Looking for a night out without driving into Boston and raise money for a good cause at the same time ?                                      Comedy night w...
One balloon brought so much stress        Now I know what your could one balloon bring so much stress ?                                                                              Well I was at the store yesterday picking up a few things when I came out there was a woman...
  Motivational Monday : Are you disciplined ? Concentration   We all know that in the course of a day in this business it is very easy to get side tracked with phone calls and tasks and on some days even the weather may be a deterrent. When you get up in the morning are you must do's done. Or doe...
 I GOT RIPPED OFF. I need a better Agent     Now see in life it really doesn't matter what you make , someone else always makes more.            Now maybe it's because they found out Larry was an Ambassador here in the Rain and I was a humble Rainmaker.                                            ...
  Anyone can start a's how.       First let me start by saying,          this is not an endorsement of anything or anybody period.   Where all in the same boat some with the left oar and some with the right and of course those who are along for the ride. But what if you co...

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