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White Mountains of Arizona Blog
 On turning 65! Yes, it is the big day. Today I turn 65 years of age. How can that be my mind says, it was only yesterday that you graduated from College? It is amazing how fast the years have flown by. I still don’t feel my age, but perhaps none of us do. I feel like I can still dance the night ...
 The Tale of an Old House. I recently read an article about how many buyers avoid old houses simply because they are old.   They tend to lean to new or newer homes with contemporary designs and features. While I understand the trend, there is something to be said for an older house. They are some...
The Return of the “Hidden Listing” Whenever the market heats up and the inventory of available homes for sale drops, the practice of “hiding “a listing re-appears in the marketplace. The first time that listing shows up in the MLS is when it is already pending or perhaps even sold. The agent who ...
Showing Feedback or Not!  When I am working with a seller and they request feedback from a buyer showing, more often than not they get upset with what they hear. I had two sellers get very upset with me recently because I provided honest feedback and they didn’t like what they heard. They were of...
My House is Special.  Listing a home for sale can be exciting or frightening depending on the circumstances of the sale. I cannot even count the times I have gone to visit with people about listing their home and when we start to discuss the price, they say “But my home is “Special”, It deserves ...
 Computer Woes, AGAIN! We have all been there. You get up one morning and log on to your computer only to find it isn’t working. My latest event happened yesterday morning. Oh joy, none of the icons on my desktop were working. I would click on them and the program would start to open and immediat...
  Ghosts! A Tale of the Vanishing Buyers. (not a scary tale)  Ghost buyers are prospective buyers who call in or show up at your office wanting information about properties and then disappear. We get them a lot in my market. As a second home resort market, we see many who stop in our office to ge...
 Anticipating the Worst and Praying for the Best!  As I sit here at my computer this morning checking the Navajo County Emergency Notification website every fifteen minutes, I truly contemplate what is really important in life. You see we are less than 15 miles from another Type 1 Forest Fire. Ye...
 Millennials are the missing piece of the market puzzle.   I was watching a video this morning that was talking about the Millennials and how they are the missing piece of the current real estate market. It got me to thinking about why that might be. The first thing that came to my mind was that ...
  Their Own Worst Enemy!  I wish someone could explain to me why some sellers decide to be their own worst enemies. They put a home on the market, get in a fair offer, and then reject it out of hand because it isn’t full price.  The house is overpriced and they have been told this repeatedly.  St...

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