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Good Evening Everyone,   You know I realized today that one of the difficulties with the current market is that people are terrified of Real Estate Agents.  It is almost like they think we are going to throw them down, hog tie them, and force them to sign something.     I recently approached a F...
I loved this blog and had to share it.  I couldn't have said it better.   Thank you for saying what I have been thinking.  Great post. Those who know me well won't be surprised to hear that as a child, I didn't mind very well. I flew out of the womb with a fully formed idea of how things ought to...
Good Afternoon Everyone,   As you will note from my header I am referring to those Real Estate Junkies out there who spend all their time online and calling the listing or preferred agents who are paying for premium placement on the syndication sites.  These sites do a horrible injustice because ...
Good Afternoon Everyone, I started this earlier today and for some reason when I went to post it, my content was blank.  Been having a little trouble here in the "rain" wondering what is going on for sure. Today's post is a bit of a rant.  I was talking to a colleague today and she shared that s...
                                                         .....that does not mean I only sell homes in Pinetop. Good Sunday Afternoon Everyone, I believe there is a common misconception in the public that if an agent's office is in a certain city or town, that they only sell homes in that city or ...
  Hello Everyone, As I sit here at my desk today wondering if anyone will come in to the office today I got to thinking about buyers.  What buyers "really really want" in today's market.  What they "really really want" is a good deal.  The days of wanting the best of everything and being willing...
        Good Afternoon Everyone,   Hope you all had a great week.  I was talking to a colleague today and we were talking about how many sales fail to make it to the closing table this year.  It always seems to be the same issue, late in the game lending denials.  This bothers me a lot because th...
I am re-blogging this post because I feel it is very important to our Arizona Buyers.  Boomers still make up much of our Buyer Clientele and this could make things much easier for those who have assets but not a lot of ready cash.  Hope you enjoy the article.  I did.  There could be a HUGE CHANGE...
    This afternoon I was talking to one of my associates and we were discussing the property listings that are coming on the market this Spring.  It seems that everyone who wants to sell is convinced that a new boom is happening and they "want" to price far above the supporting comps.  The selle...
I just read this article on Activerain by Eric Kodner from Wisconsin.  This article is highly relevant in the marketplace now and in to the future.  We are already seeing the new age buyers leaning toward affordability rather than luxury because they either can't or are not willing to pay the pri...

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