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WINTER HOME SALES Selling a home in the winter months is often perceived as a waste of time by potential sellers. They feel that no one looks in winter so they will just wait until Spring to list the property. This could be a grave error because contrary to popular belief, buyers do look for pro...
A Christmas Story by Sandra Paulow Twas two days before Christmas and all through the house, the creatures weren’t stirring, not even the dog. The stockings were hung and ready to be stuffed. The presents were wrapped and busy collecting dust. The dinner was planned but cooking was not. The rest...
  Good Monday Morning Everyone, This past weekend we had our first real snow of the Winter Season. While I love watching it fall because it means sticking close to home, the morning after it's over and the sun comes out makes it all worth while. If you think you have seen the color blue, nothing...
Good Afternoon Everyone, I hope this finds you all well and happy and enjoying the long holiday weekend. If you are still eating left over turkey my sympathies are with you. We enjoyed a nice evening out with friends and ate Prime Rib rather than Turkey. Now to the subject at hand. If you have e...
  Good Afternoon Everyone, Well, the votes are in, the next four years have been decided, and now maybe we can all get on with the business of living. The outcome of the election may or may not be to our liking, but it is what it is and we have to live with it. I don't usually get political in m...
Good Morning Everyone, Buying a Foreclosure, guidance for Buyers.  I can't tell you how many times in the past several years I have heard a client say "Well, it's been on the market for ____ days, they should be glad to get an offer." The issue with that statement is that there isn't a "They" th...
Good Afternoon Everyone, Everyone it seems is teetering on the edge of uncertainty and that relates to both buyers and sellers in the Real Estate world. The eternal question is, should I do something now or wait? It seems most people are opting for the later. Let's wait and see what happens. Wai...
  I will never understand why it is when you finally decide you need a break, that is when everything starts happening.  I had been having a rather slow month so decided to take a few days off to visit friends in Tucson.  Before the end of our first full day of visiting, I had two contracts and a...
Good Morning Everyone, I read an interesting blog post this morning on Activerain and it got me to thinking that perhaps the subject was one I needed to touch on here. It is how an election year affects the Real Estate Market. What I have observed is that it creates fear in both Buyers and Selle...
Good Morning Everyone,   Did you ever feel truly trapped in a bad situation?  Maybe it is in your personal life, your work, or just emotionally trapped by fear?  I think we have all experienced this feeling at some point in our lives.   We have always hear that the Grass isn’t greener on the othe...

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