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Home Loan Shopping, Read the Fine Print Prior to Covid 19 I did in person home buying classes throughout the year. We cover a lot of info which I do by phone now, but one important point I always make is to always read the fine print when home loan shopping. Lenders are going to advertise their b...
Thanks for your candor! I have spoken with several folks over the last few months about home financing. Quite a few of them contacted me because they have seen advertisements that interest rates are at all time lows. Some of them tell me the rates they are seeing and ask if it is really true, mos...
Why Borrowers Get Spam After Their Credit Is Pulled A borrower needs a mortgage to purchase a home. They contact the mortgage broker or bank they want to work with, apply for a mortgage loan, have their credit pulled, and boom! they start getting spam calls out of the blue asking if they are buyi...
How The Pandemic Changed My Mortgage Business Each day we learn something new about the Covid-19 virus. This week we are learning whereas the first case was thought to be in 2020 the virus was actually with us months earlier in 2019. I, like many, know people, several family members to be exact w...
The Benefit of Seller Paid Closing Costs Did you know seller's often pay part or all of a buyer's closing costs and prepaid items?  In our Northern Kentucky and Ohio market they do. Now more than ever this can be a benefit to the buyer because we for the time being are in a very different world o...
Mortgage Lending Guidelines & Corona Virus The arrival of the Corona virus has changed our lives significantly and it should come as no surprise that it has changed the mortgage lending world. Not only has it changed the interest rate market for refinance and purchase loans but it has changed at ...
UNEMPLOYED? PUTTING YOUR HOME BUYING ON HOLD Our country is experiencing something it has never gone through before. Over the last few years we've experienced a shortage of homes for home buyers. Now with the the corona virus how many folks will put their homes on the market? Will it create an ev...
Trusted Mortgage Adviser Needed Now More Than Ever  If you've been involved the mortgage or real estate business for any period of time you've heard the term "TRUSTED MORTGAGE ADVISER".  A lot of loan officers have used it as a marketing catch phrase.  Who would not want a trusted mortgage advise...
Feds Dropped Discount Rate, Now What? Feds dropped the discount rate .5 points in a surprise move. A surprise move for the markets and unsuspecting public.  Now what? Now the phone will start ringing for L O's  from those with mortgages saying is my rate going down half a point?   No, long term m...
Underwriters Request Additional Documents When underwriting a mortgage loan underwriters usually start out with some specific documents for the particular loan. These documents are provided when a seasoned loan officer gets them from the borrower and structures the file for the underwriter to rev...

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