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<>Author: JakeConteThere is a lot of preparation that goes into ensuring your home is able to be sold. There are factors which can be combined to make the home sell quickly on the market. As a home seller this is the primary thing that you are looking for. There are so many houses for sale that ...
The Task of Selling a home can be a daunting task for any homeowner.  For whatever reason a homeowner may decide to sell,  whether it is a divorce, a change of jobs requiring a move, downsizing or the number of countless other reasons, a seller may decide to sell their home, this task can be quit...
When you are faced with the very important decision of buying or selling your home, knowing that you have a trusted and knowledgeable agent  there by your side to assist you with every step in the buying or selling process will guarantee you a greater peace of mind. As your agent that is my goal,...
If you are thinking of selling a home please read this first!  It could save you a lot of  Money,  Time and Other Opportunity Costs.   When you, a seller are about to sell a home, whether you are going to make a go of it on your own or hire an expert, a real estate agent to handle this endeavor, ...
If you are selling a home in Fayetteville, NC or Fort Bragg, it is important that your home be exposed to as many potential buyers as possible to ensure your success in the current market.   The most important exposure avenue is through physical showings.  There is simply no way around it.  There...
Fayetteville is one of the larger medium sized cities located in North Carolina.  The population of Fayetteville is approximately 122,000+ people.  Fayetteville, NC is a very unique yet a wonderful place to live, work, attend school and play.  The military presence in Fayetteville, NC is very str...
Home Owners realize very quickly that real estate taxes are a necessary evil.  They will always be there for you. Said another way, you  know that eventually you will come to the end of your mortgage payments but with real estate taxes you will pay until you sell your house or until...lets just s...
NOTE: The information below comes directly from the Internal Revenue Service Web-Site.  It provides a basic overview and details the difference between the Home Purchase Credit for 2008 and 2009. Overview First-time homebuyers may be able to take advantage of a tax credit for homes purchased in ...
Buying your first home does not have to be a difficult process.  Planning and being armed with good information is a good start to this process being very smooth.  However, there are ten areas that new homebuyers  often make mistakes with.  At best these mistakes could make the process more time-...

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