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Credit challenged?? A segment on the evening news today reported of a non-profit program earmarked for those who have car issues.  The program allows those with credit issues the ability for help when it comes to their repairing or buying a new car.  The program is called "ways to work" and caps ...
Builders are finally getting that offering a flat screen T.V., a car or vacation will not get buyers to purchase their homes.  They are now realizing that they need to offer buyers incentives that will help the client in the long run like buying down the interest rate or crediting the closing cos...
Last night we held our 2007 COTY dinner at the Villa Ragusa in downtown Campbell.  The evening started with cocktails then we had a nice buffet dinner.  As the evening progressed several past business owners and past citizens of the year were recognized.  I was shocked to see how many remain acti...
Well I heard it on the news this evening about a crackdown on a Southern California Broker who cheated over 100 homeowners out of their homes.  Here's how the scheme went down:The broker contacted homeowners having trouble paying their mortgages.  The broker had the homeowner deed the property to...
In the last few months, I've been talking with a few of my agents regarding the next problem many of the homeowners are facing who are currently in foreclosure, renting.  With the homeowner's mortgage payments not being made and probably some of their other accounts like credit cards and car paym...
A new law makes it's more likely that people will be routinely tested for HIV and AIDS.  The measure drips a requirement that patients fill out a form to have the tests.  They only have to give a doctor verbal consent to add HIV to other conditions for which they are being tested.I am concerned a...
Drivers beware - we have a few new laws affecting what you do when you drive your car.  These involve cars and smoking, cars and cell phones, cars and keys, and cars and gas...As of January 1st 2008... Smokers-cigarette, cigars and pipe- are no longer allowed to smoke in their cars while driving,...
Do you gather with your family to eat lunch or dinner?  Is there a family member or friend that always hosts the special event?  Do you have a potluck where everyone brings their favorite dish or are you just an invited guest?  If you are invited to a potluck are you the one who brings the drinks...
My husband and I are supposed to receive our $1200 economic stimulus payment in a few months.  Gee how are we going to spend all that money??  Any suggestions...don't forget we have to pay taxes on this next year.  We could go on a shoes (with my half only) (his half only)
Boundaries: North: Campbell Ave.| South: Bucknall Rd. | West: Quito Ave./Saratoga Ave. | East: Mayfield Ave.Neighborhood Association HistoryPete Constant, District 1 Councilmen, held a West San Jose Neighborhood Summit at the Moreland Community Center in April 2007. At this meeting he shared his ...

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