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I received a phone call from an attorney asking why I had not replied to his letter and I stated that I had not received a letter. He then emailed me a 3 page letter along with a 13 page and 48 points of law complaint  that he was planning to file  against Mortgage Magic because our website was n...
In a recent story titled How to Create a Retirement 'Paycheck,' syndicated columnist and certified financial planner Liz Weston recommended strategies for improving retirement security that included getting a reverse mortgage.After first discussing income annuities, Weston added, “Another option ...
Vince Lombardi gave an excellent talk about What it takes to be number one. In the talk Vince stated that, "You've got to pay the price" and that "Winning is not a sometime thing, it's an all-the-time thing.  The following statement comes from Chistopher Parkening who is perhaps the world's best ...
October 12 my customer received a notice in the mail from a lender stating he qualified for a 2.875% interest rate with a 2.875% APR which means the loan has no fees or points at all. The mailer was designed so that it looked like it was sent from his mortgage lender but in very small print were ...
The easiest way to establish a relationship and close more sales is by asking a lot of focused questions during interview session. Important !  Aways ask permission to ask questions and explain why you are asking the questions. My observation is that those sales people who spend more time in the ...
I am in a slow down. People around me are busy but I am in a slow down. I think this is the first slow down of my career and I have been doing loans since 1968. Recently I have tried almost everything in marketing and nothing is turning my business around so this morning I thought I am going to ...
I guess there is a part of me that trys to make every book a sales training book. My life is sales; it is what I do and the way I react to life. But, it is not sales meaning trying to get something from someone or even trying to convince someone to do something. To me, sales education is finding ...
It takes courage to be a real estate agent or commissioned sales person. Every day the page is blank. Where will clients come from for today? For next week ?  Six Months from now?I think for many  commissioned people the blank page can be frightening and even the Realtors who have a high volumne ...
Number One thing to know in Sales; People want to do business with YOU.It is important to allow them to get to know you- I use several Facebook pages to stay in contact. This is from my /salesmagicsuccess/ Facebook Page  Explaining the first picture on my SalesMagicSuccess Facebook page: I was th...
This video was done perhaps 10 years ago and I was using EFT casually. Just ran across a book last week by Dawson Church; Mind to Matter and I have actually been stunned by all of the scientific evidence supporting EFT and also that it is mainstream in the healing professions today. I remember th...

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