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Yea! Our County has been out of home buyer assistance programs for a while. Just found out that MCC- Mortgage Credit Certificate is opening up on Feb 12th for Santa Clara County. Here is more information from the county web site:  MCC's ARE BACK The County of Santa Clara has been awarded a new MC...
Yesterday I wrote a blog that really got under some people's skin. Today, I hope this blog makes everybody happy. I work on the top of a 9 story building so I frequently ride the elevator up and down. The elevator has a mirror so that you see yourself when you enter. I make this my happy elevator...
On Friday night a gentleman visited me for assistance with modifications. He has a commercial loan and his tenant is a Pizza franchise. The Pizza company is national but the rental agreement was with the franchisee who went belly up and walked out. So my client is left with what used to be a trip...
At this time FHA is charging 1.75% math tells me that they anticipate foreclosures to be 1 in 8 loans. Perhpas they should improve underwritng instead....FHA - listen- more paperwork does not mean better loans. How do I figure 1 in 8 loans? Historically- before the meltdown the cost ...
  Cape Cod Beauty in Los Gatos This home is not yet on the MLS...1.5 acres...4 BR  3 Bath Country Living Price  $2,395,000 No MLS...No sign...No Lockbox    Call Doug Jones (408) 209-6773 for entry         Spacious and wonderful floorplan Lot's of Parking Space Doug JonesBuyers Realty00979517(408)...
San Jose State UniversityStudent Union, Barrett BallroomFeb 6, 20106-11 PM...Games, Performances, Movie, a lot of entertainment...I will be doing 15 minutes of magic Visit or click here more details or buy tickets online  
I hear people talk about sales all the time and I listen to their approaches and theories. But the only thing worth talking about is did you close the deal? Did you make the sale? Did you earn a commission and end up with a happy client who will refer to you and become your fan? The proof is alwa...
My client tried to refinance his COFI loan into a fixed rate loan but the bank told him he did not earn enough money and his debt ratio did not qualify....... OK, then let's modify. Today he received a call and said, you guessed it, that he makes too much money for the modification. Let's look at...
I listened to a CD a couple of years back called The Rainmaker. There was a story on the CD about a national competition with a nationwide company. An office in Florida was close to meeting their quota and actually leading the field when a series of hurricanes hit and they did not make quota. The...
A co-worker came in today with a cold. The bad part is I had a cold and may have spread it. The colds and flu's are not caused by cold, wet weather but they love to live and thrive in this weather. A few years ago I had a cold in January and went to Hawaii. In less than one day the cold was gone....

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