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People go to a Financial Planner and discuss how to prepare financially for death because they care for loved ones and care about leaving a life in order. They will purchase Life Insurance in various forms and invest liquid assets for growth and safety. I know  I want things to be taken care of f...
In 1989 I worked for a company called Mortgage Loans America and our company had what I still consider today to be the best loan I have ever seen for consumers. The loan was called the American Dream and it was a Freddie Mac test and Mortgage Loans America was the only company in the United State...
This may be different across the nation but in California I always recommend that if people are changing the names on the property (Title) that they spend some time with an expert; attorney, title company, or CPA. I have seen people make moves on the title to a property that ended up costing them...
I once heard  the job of a CEO is to make it "bigger and better". In most situations that is probably a good definition. But companies have life cycles and there are times when another approach may be needed. The same with sales. In the beginning of a career it is developing network ties and gett...
There are 4 loan boxes; the credit and credit score box, the down payment or loan to value box, the rules boxe - Fannie, Freddie, FHA, Jumbo, etc (all have different rules) and the debt ratio or income to outgo box. This is the basic formula - today most loans require a 42% debt ratio.  
I am a magician. I am a Realtor. I am a Mortgage Lender.  I am a Sales Speaker...I am a giver. I am fun                                                                            and I am enthusiastic Life  
The "Oh WOW' factor in sales is worth everything; a happy client, referrals, and a feeling of satisfaction.I visited my listing Monday night and the flyer box was empty and the flyers on the table by the door way were all gone. But in my hand I had 50 high gloss flyers that had been delivered to ...
Wow - how to offend people ! I am very confident that no one from Active Rain reading this is dumb or lazy. There may be something else if you are not getting enough business. But first, let's talk about the dumb or lazy.Dumb - we all know people who talk a good game and know the theories but nev...
Yesterday my seller emailed me a copy of the Zillow listing for her home. The listing showed all the correct data and all the pictures. The problem is the listing shows for sale by owner and a price of $700,000. The house is not for sale by owner; I am the listing agent and the price is not $700,...

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