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This video was done perhaps 10 years ago and I was using EFT casually. Just ran across a book last week by Dawson Church; Mind to Matter and I have actually been stunned by all of the scientific evidence supporting EFT and also that it is mainstream in the healing professions today. I remember th...
Read the sentence and emphasize the word typed in bold.I am affected only by my thoughtsI am affected only by my thoughtsI am affected only by my thoughtsI am affected only by my thoughtsI am affected only by my thoughts.Some scientists and non- scientists say that we think 50,000 to 80,000 thoug...
I drove to work this morning in the dark. It was raining softly and the streets were still empty.  I chose to keep the radio off and just relax and think. The  question "Why ?" popped in my head. Why do I do the things I do ?  Why do I choose to work in mortgages? In Real Estate? Do Magic? Teach ...
My wife and I know six families who lost their home in the Camp Fire (Paridise, Ca). One of the families has been staying at our Yosemite home until they get settled. They kept records and pictures and were (almost) prepared for the disaster. Video with suggestions to prepare.   
Many years ago I posted a blog and the title was "How to save 95,000 on your mortgage". This morning I closed a loan and the customer asked me if she could pay via a bi-weekly payment. I explained to her how the Bi-Weekly works and promised to make a video explaining another way in case her bank ...
Once in a book on sales I read a comment that stated if your sales goals are not being reached then your marketing effort "is not enough". How do you know you have done enough?  You have done enough when you reach your goals. Going into 2019 I over hear all kinds of less than positive comments: "...
Seems that many are getting excited because the Fed's have raised the rates four times this year (2018). Rates go way up and way down but we continue to fund mortgage loans and people continue to buy houses. The video shows may history of buying mostly at times rates were very high. Fixed rates h...
If you were in a situation where you were to split a ten dollar bill with a friend and you only received $2.50 would you be happy with the outcome? The answer may surprise you. The most important varible is your expectation. Studies show that when people achieve their expectation level that they ...
I keep a monthly desk calendar on my desk and all during the month I scribble all over it; sometimes email addresses, phone numbers, name of a book; I am a scribbler. The 100,000 I am talking about now goes back to when I was a manager for Old Stone Credit; a company that specialized in fixed rat...
I bought a house between steps walking from McDonald's to my car in the parking lot.OK. Let me explain. This was so long ago that I really don't remember details but I do remember when I decided or it was decided for me by my Mind to buy a house. For two years my wife and I had been living in our...

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