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I wrote an entire blog about California Earthquake insurance and then erased the darn thing !  Don't have time to re-write today and want to encourage California residences to purchase earthquake insurance. You can go online to the California Earthquake Authority and get an online quote. It is we...
The completely burned home is San Jose is listed for $800,000 and will sell for probably $1,000,000. OK. So what is the big deal? I sold a home a couple of years ago in Mt View for $1,900,000 and that home was bulldozed and rebuilt completely. I sold a home in Sunnyvale for $1,300,000 and that ho...
The Everly Brothers sang the song Problems..."Problems, Problems. Problems all day long. Will my problems work out right or wrong." If you are in real estate for a while and have an active business there will be problems.We represented the seller with a short sale, Chapter 13, etc and etc. When e...
I told and agent that I wanted the property listed on the MLS today and he was upset because he wanted to wait a few more days and blurted out. "Does one day make a difference"?Yes it does. One Day Makes a Difference. Little Things make a Difference. And, all details make a difference.I have obse...
I have lived and worked in Silicon Valley since 1963. In 1963 San Jose was a sleepy town with a couple of shopping centers, a freeway  that actually had traffic signals, and Fruit Packing Plants and many Fruit stands along the roadways. Most students walked to school cutting thru orchards.Housing...
Note: This is not a legal article about Living Trusts - only my experiences as a Realtor about what happens when selling a property in Trust.Presently we have three listings where the property is in a Trust. If you have never sold a property in a Trust here are some of the things to be aware of.M...
Most of my life has been spent working as a loan officer so I know 'the responsibility" requirements better as a loan officer than as a Realtor. 'The Responsibility" is a set of regulations set on me by me. When a person calls me to inquire about a loan there is an issue they are facing. Sometime...
Credit Bureaus sell information of people applying for mortgage loans to banks and other lenders - without the customers consent or knowledge.The article below was put out yesterday by the National Association of Mortgage Brokers. This has been a "secret" in the mortgage industry. So many times w...
What does it take to become a 'great' Realtor?  To be an expert ? Let me mention first that I am not a 'great' Realtor - yet.  I never wanted to be a Realtor. Most of my working years have been as a lender and I did not grow up wanting to be a lender either. I only  wanted to make a living, enjoy...
The letter was not friendly. It said, "Pay us $5,000 and we won't sue you."The letter was from a law firm in Los Angeles and the attorney represented an artist who artwork we used in a blog. The letter explained that we had used the artwork with out the permission of the artist.We got the artwork...

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