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Over the weekend I met with a Contractor to go over items for a home that needed preparation for re-sale. The owner met us at the home and we spent over an hour reviewing things to be repaired or upgraded. After a while the owner had to leave and asked me to close up. We continued going over diff...
This morning I am hating loan rules. It is perhaps once every 10 years that I use the word 'hate' and maybe there is a better word but driving in this morning it hit me that I really do 'hate' so many loan rules.Before the financial meltdown I would tell so many applicants to throw out common sen...
This article was posted a year ago under a different name. The reason I am re-posting is because one of my agents asked what to do to get re-started and this can be an answer. But there is another reason I remember from  the book the author asked "How do you know when you have done enough"? (enou...
I walked into my office this morning and my red message light on the telephone was blinking. I listened to the message and it was a wholesale loan representative from a bank in southern California encouraging me to send business to her company.She calls me pretty much every day which shows persev...
When I taught sales we used a 5 step procedure to always know where we were in the selling process: Attention, Interest, Conviction, Desire, and Close. Over the years the words changed but the ideas remained the same. The word 'desire' changed to 'motivation' but the flow of the formula worked th...
One thing I always liked about real estate is that we were taught to be "color blind".  We do not red line, block bust, or steer.  From all my studies we are to simply treat everyone with respect, professionalism, and to follow the Golden Rule.In loans I wonder not about the mortgage lenders or t...
There is a lot of concern in California about the new mortgage interest write off limits. For loans in place prior to the tax law change those mortgages still fall under the old limits. I posted a video yesterday regarding the reduction from $1,000,000 to $750,000 and immediately got questions ab...
I am going to be doing a series of short videos explaining the new tax law as it relates to mortgages and real estate. This first video explains the effect of the mortgage interest deduction when it dropped from $1,000,000 to $750,000. By the way a mortgage in place is grandfathered under the old...
Yesterday I was using a paper clip to clip some papers and I noticed that it was red with a plastic coating. Looking at that paper clip I remembered the most amazing story ever about a fellow who began a series of trades beginning with a red paper clip and ending with him owning a house. To see a...
Have you ever not known what to charge or if you should adjust your pricing? Once my CPA told me he could double his fees and still make the same money - assuming he would lose half his client base. In my life every time I have cut fees or reduced price it seems I set myself up for a bad transact...

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