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Home Buyers today are more savvy than they have ever been. We live in the information age. Gone are the days when Home Buyers lacked data to make an informative decision. Gone are the days of emotional buying. Home owners who ignore the facts will watch the listing of their home die a slow excruc...
Over the past six months Real Estate Agents have been asking how they can get in the air to market and sell homes with aerial photography & video.  The market is prime for this technology if used correctly. Just like we tell Buyers, "The person who saw this home yesterday could be writing an offe...
This is what a 25 acre home looks like from a normal view.  This is what a 25 acre home looks like from a higher perspective.      The right photographs do make a difference.
5900+ square foot home with spectacular views and parking for all your collectable toys.  Be sure to visit the two other videos for this home Collector car garage, hobby garage, and media/game room click here Spetaclular aerial views of surrounding desert click here  
After attending a webinar yesterday for real estate photography I realized I am not alone in disliking really poor photographs on the MLS. There were some things I agreed with and a few pointers I learned. There also a few things I do a little different. There are a variety of cameras Agents can ...
Attractive packaging can create interest in a product. Visual presentation is what sells in retail, on the Internet, and especially in real estate. Paying attention to detail creates a form of packaging gets attention and moves product whether cosmetics, sports apparel, automobiles or homes. Und...
    The long awaited FAA proposal for sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial Systems) was released today. What many will misinterpret is that they can now go out, buy one, and take to the air commercially. That is far from the truth. There is still a 60 day public comment period to go through. If like the a...
    You may have heard a Tucson Realtor was approved by the FAA to legally conduct sUAS  (small Unmanned Aerial System) photography or videography (aka drone). I would like to provide some information on that topic as well as dispel any misconception. Not as someone analyzing or guessing, but as ...
After months of work, I finally made it. First Realtor approved by the FAA. So happy. Made National News as well. ABC Report - Why this guy in Arizona can fly a drone and you can't   Scroll to the bottom of this link to see FAA approval.
  In the media and from some of our peers we hear about drones, drones, drones. Reality is they are sUAS, UAS and UAV. Small Unmanned Aerial Systems, Unmanned Aerial Systems, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are what those in the aeronautics world refer to them as. I see a lot of articles concerning...


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