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In his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R Covey talks about habit number 7, Sharpen the Saw. Liking it to a Lumber Jack who refuses to sharpen the saw because it is taking him so long to cut through a tree and he doesn't have time to sharpen the saw. Training for REALTORS® is the...
There is a lot of advice on how to sell a home. Yet there are numerous ways that Sellers prevent the sale of their home. Four years ago I wrote a blog about how not to sell your. Here's a refreshed versions. Understanding what hurts the sale of a home will help in making a sale. Who cares about c...
When I first started in real estate a client told me that to survive I needed to take up golf. I did and fell in love with the sport. Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley, Vail and Green Valley have over 30 courses to choose from; and that's a conservative number. As I write the Accenture Match Play Champi...
The world around us is changing faster and faster every day. No more party lines, sharing the phone line with your neighbors. Today more and more people don't even have a home phone. Mobile phones have become the norm. Smart phones are replacing the old fashioned flip phone. "Old fashioned" has c...
Health is an unforeseen benefit of home-ownership. Directly from the NAR Study... "Homeowners are happier and healthier than non-owners. But again, it would be incorrect to simply look at the correlation between home-ownership and health outcomes to draw conclusions since home-ownership is also c...
Tucson real estate is no different than anywhere else when it comes to quality of service to Home Buyers. You have to take the good with the bad.  Working with buyers...
I have always been shy about getting Buyers to sign a Buyer Broker Agreement. I know it is recommended, and I know that it fends off the non-serious Buyer. However, I still like the feeling of an old fashioned hand shake and honor of word. Once in a while intuition sets in. Then, I turn to the Bu...
Real estate in Tucson is very much alive. I am having my best year since 2006. I'm back to the problem I had then, oh such a problem, of not being able to keep all my listings on the market long enough to develop more buyers and sellers. Sold one in 2 days. DIdn't even get a chance for an Open Ho...
NAR put together some nice information about the social impact of homeownership. I am using that as my basis to expound on it from my perspective. You are invited to read Part I.
One of the most important tools we as REALTORS® have to impress the public with our listings is the camera. Far too often do I see REALTORS® either not use their camera or use it poorly. There is an order for posting pictures to start out. Buyers want to see the outside of the home first...pictur...

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