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It's been a tough past couple of years, still recovering. Spent a period of time working for hourly wage. Yuck! Streee and my heart dictated a change. So I'm back in the pack. Never quite left real estate, but, part time doesn't cut it. Now I can devote my time to real estate full time, and as mu...
Tucson home sales for September broke the mold for seasonal sales. Normally sales in September are less than August. Not in 2008. Go figure, the economy has tanked, credit has tanked, nobody fully trusts either candidate for President, nothing but negative-negative-negative in the economic news, ...
Everybody is pointing fingers at who caused this mess. None are looking at the fact for every finger pointed out, there are 3 pointing back. READ MORE
Tucson home sales for August were nothing spectacular, yet not horrible considering the current market. TAR/MLS reported 903 official sales. Which was 13 sales below what I predicted eight months ago. However, not all the numbers were in when the monthly report is prepared. As of today there were...
The official numbers from TAR are out. With the anticipated seasonal decline in sales for July, residential home sales were slightly higher than predicted. Eight months ago I predicted 927 sales, 945 sales were officially reported, as of this writing 949 sales were recorded for July. Tucson home ...
Our Federal government has stimulated the market with the recent tax credit. Now is a great time to buy. Those who ignore this opportunity will be throwing money away. Does this mean Buyers should throw caution to the wind? By no means should any home buyer ignore due diligence in buying a home. ...
My prediction for May 2008 Tucson real estate sales was 1,035 sales. The officially reported number or 1,025 (collected June 4th) was very close. Checking this morning there were 25 additional sales not reported on time which increases the number of sales to 1050. READ MORE
Will we exceed the predicted sales of 1,035 for May? We will know in a matter of days. The good thing is sales are continually increasing, which is good news for Tucson real estate. Bad news for those who wait for woulda, shoulda, coulda.  Read More
In a market where buyer confidence is slowly returning it is important to have a strategy if you expect to sell sooner than later. The Tucson real estate market is still reeling, but, not as much as Phoenix, Stockton CA or other areas. Most home sellers, even in the Tucson Real Estate Market, lik...
Who has the best answer to the question, "How should you communicate with Internet prospects?" Everybody has an opinion on this topic. What really works, not in theory or concept, but, in practice? Personally, I think asking questions of a prospect is a turn off. I like to start out with offering...

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