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Below is a GREAT email we got from a prospective buyer considering using us as her Realtor. Below is her email with our responses - every buyer should be asking these questions! 1- Are you a full-time professional Realtor? How long have you been in the business? RE #1. I am a full-time Broker (a ...
Buying raw land is something that only a very dedicated buyer should attempt. Here’s why: 1) Zoning: You have to find out if the property is zoned for the type of structure you want to put on the land. If it isn’t, the process can be difficult to get the land re-zoned 2) Contractors: You’ll have ...
Here is an email from a client asking about doing a condo conversion: Hi, Per our conversation and your e-mail, yes we are interested in doing a condo conversion with 1234 Main Street for 3-4 units. Due to the fact that the process may be lengthy we will probably currently, look to purchase a dis...
Here is a sample approval letter from Patrick Collins at First Savings Mortgage Corporation. He is one of several lenders we recommend to buyers. DROdio - sample loan approval letter One reason we really like Patrick’s approval letter is because it specifically states that it complies with Paragr...
We often have buyers ask us if there’s any type of problem with them using a lender from or other lenders which aren’t local. The answer is complicated, but then again, that’s why you’re here reading this FAQ, right? So let’s delve into the issues: The first thing to know is that ...
Our two MLS search tools, and, have both been very successful in the DC/MD/VA areas, where we get our data feed from MRIS. We’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into creating tools that take the MLS raw data feed, and display the data using...
Do I take possession of the property on the day of closing? A client wrote: Just checking that we can actually take possession of the house on the date of closing. We’re planning to “move in” that afternoon. Any restrictions in DC on that? Yes, absolutely! Once you sign the settlement papers, the...
Here’s a sample letter from a condo conversion company; this buyer was purchasing a low-income property in Washington, DC. You can also learn more about low income credits in DC. ———- Forwarded message ———- From: John Doe Date: Jul 24, 2007 11:35 AM Subject: Update 07/27/07 To: Jane Doe Greetings...
One of the most powerful features of is its ability to search the listing notes. Here’s what that means, and why you’d want to use it. First, a bit of background on how listings are put into the MLS system, called “MRIS” in our area: A listing agent has to determine ...
Here are our VA buyer representation and DC/MD buyer representation forms. They make us your Realtor, which allows us to represent your interests. You might not even be sure why you need a Realtor. Hopefully reading through all these FAQs will show you the types of pitfalls that can confront you ...

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And...Thoughts from the head of an Entrepreneur: How I'm trying to effect positive change on the world.

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