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Many of our clients think they need to get a 30 year conventional loan because they cannot run the risk of getting an ARM. The truth is that each client must carefully evaluate their loan options because in most cases, the 30 year loan is not the best option for them. In other cases, there are so...
The following will take place at closing: • You will arrive at the settlement company (sometimes called the title company). Usually the sellers will also be present, although occasionally the sellers complete their part of the settlement process before-hand. • You will need to ensure the loan com...
Many real estate firms may tell you they can do a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of your home. They just go to the MLS and print out some listings that have sold in your area. There is even a “CMA” button in the MLS system which makes the task very easy… and, we believe, incomplete. We’ve fou...
Part of the buying process is making sure you’re not getting a “lemon” of a home. The home inspection helps you ensure the quality of the home. As your Realtor, we highly recommend you choose a home inspection. It ensures you know of problems before you close and allows you to cancel the purchase...
Not sure you need a Realtor? Read this… Dear Buyer, If you’re wondering exactly how a Realtor can help you find a home, you’ll probably enjoy this whitepaper. I was wondering the exact same thing when I bought a home in 2001 (before I was a Realtor) from Pulte. What I found was that most Realtors...
If you’d like to be able to manipulate our data yourself, we don’t mind. In fact, in the spirit of empowering you with data, we make it easy for you to get the MLS numbers of properties you’re interested in. Here’s how: 1) Do a search on 2) When you get a list of res...
Here is a sample Virginia sales contract, which has been ratified & passed through the fax machine several times: DROdio - Sample Ratified Agreement You’ll notice that several items were negotiated back & forth between the buyers & sellers - you will notice the initials in several places where co...
A plat is basically a blueprint diagram of a community showing the layout of all the lots. Many buyers say “plan” mistakenly, but the correct term is “plat”! Here’s a sample Plat (click to enlarge): Do yo notice the dotted lines inside each lot? Those are the building restriction lines; you can’t...
A home inspection contingency is removed by sending the seller a list of home inspection items that the buyers wish to have repaired. Remember - the home inspection items are different than the walkthrough items; a difference that is explained in detail here. We had to respond within seven days o...
Yes, here are our video tutorials: How to buy Foreclosure homes. How to use How to use Making a lowball offer on a home. How Realtor commissions are paid. Investor cash flow tool. How to buy a house like a Realtor would

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And...Thoughts from the head of an Entrepreneur: How I'm trying to effect positive change on the world.

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