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Below are some tips we give our agents in the Washington, DC area:Like Daniel always likes to say, being good at real estate is really just comprised of knowing some of the tips that come from experience (many of which other agents don't know or don't take the time to know). Here are some of our ...
This may be the most important FAQ among all our advice.  We’re going to explain why it’s an absolutely terrible, terrible idea to walk into a purchase transaction without having a buyer’s agent.  You might think that we’re just going to fluff you with “marketing speak” but the truth is that walk...
The answer to that is a little more involved than on might think.  The short answer is close towards the end of the month but not during the very last couple of days and avoid Monday and Friday settlements.  The long answer is as follows: As you might already know, mortgage is paid in arrears, me...
Our firm leverages technology in a number of different ways to help our clients. One example is our free GPS loaner which allows you to take your time in yhour home search, and search at your speed instead of ours. Using the GPS loaner is especially handy in conjunction with our MLS search sites,...
Hazard insurance (often referred to as homeowner’s insurance) is the insurance that covers your house in the event of damage.  The lender almost always requires you to buy this insurance as a condition of getting the loan. Any major insurance provider can offer hazard insurance.  You can also con...
We suggest you do not close on a Friday because, if for some reason something delays closing for a day, you’ll actually be delayed over the weekend until Monday. And we don’t suggest you close on Monday because you’ll need to get a certified check from a bank, and we’ll have to do a walkthrough i...
The foreclosure market is starting to heat up in a big way, and more foreclosures are on the way. Being a smart foreclosure shopper, or at least including foreclosures in your search, is a smart move, but you must approach these homes carefully. Here’s a brief primer on the topic. For more detail...
A Good Faith Estimate, or GFE, as it’s known by it’s Realtor lingo, is an estimate from the lender on what your total payment will be when you buy the house. There are some very important things to know about this GFE: 1) The main thing to know is that it’s negotiable. And we’ll give you tips to ...
A client writes: “Have you ever had a client work with Quicken Loans or E-loan? Do you have any thoughts on using an online lender?” Our Answer: Yes we’ve had clients use all types of lenders. Online lenders tend to have a bad rap, but we’ve found a way to really have them benefit you. Here’s our...
A client of ours asked: “How does rent/lease back work- one couple is building their dream house, but it’s not ready yet? Would we buy the house outright and then they just pay the regular mortgage?” Our answer: Yes, when you do a rent-back, you take possession of the house (i.e., settlement) and...

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And...Thoughts from the head of an Entrepreneur: How I'm trying to effect positive change on the world.

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