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On our quest to show you that buyer agents really do make a big difference in your home buying process (even for new construction properties, when you may think you don't you need any representation), we have a perfect example to share with you. We had a buyer who was very (very) interested in p...
If you check a listing carefully, you might notice that it is one of three property types: Fee Simple Condo Co-op Fee Simple means you get a completely undivided interest in the real estate property, such as a home or a town home. Condo means you own a small piece of a bigger structure - the typi...
The HUD-1 is the document used at settlement to account for all the monies in a transaction. It's a federally mandated form, and it also happens to be a very hard document to read, so we're going to help you learn to read it. The HUD-1 is usually a two-page form (often front & back). For the purp...
OK home buyers, are you listening? When we tell you what we're about to tell you, you'll probably respond saying "well thanks, Captain Obvious" but we'll walk you through what you probably haven't considered, and why it matters to you if you're looking for a home. Ready? Here goes:The sales price...
Our firm has always done a great job servicing clients locally. But recently, we’ve realized something else: We can help other REALTORS do the same thing by referring deals to them. Through some marketing wizardry, we’ve watched our online traffic grow by more than 100 fold, from an average of 20...
Yes you probably should. They only cost about $30 to $50. The inspector will check the grounds of the property near the house, and may do some limited checking inside the house as well.� He is looking for any signs of termites, like tunnels, etc. Most properties in VA don't have termite issues, a...
Making a lowball offer often has a negative connotation, but the reality is that many sellers are happy to look at any and all offers in today's market. This tutorial offers tips & tricks on how to successfully make a lowball offer.
Go "Behind the Curtain" and learn how Realtor Commissions are paid, what that means for you, and what you can do to leverage the knowledge.
Learn the tricks to buying a home like a professional Realtor would.
What are real estate auctions like? What's the difference between courthouse auctions & REO auctions? What is a good foreclosure buying strategy? We have answers! The first thing you should do is visit our blog describing process. Then, watch the videos below, on courthouse auctions & REO auctio...

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And...Thoughts from the head of an Entrepreneur: How I'm trying to effect positive change on the world.

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