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We really, really encourage our buyer clients to drive by the properties they want to see on their own before we show them. While it may seem counter-intuitive at first, we’ve found it’s absolutely the best way to buy a home. Here’s why: We’ve found that 75% of the time, you can exclude or includ...
Here is a good summary comparing & contrasting some of the home buying assistance programs in MD, DC and VA. Virginia Programs Virginia has a statewide program from the “Virginia Housing Development Authority“. You can read about some of the VHDA loan types here. You may also be interested in the...
A client asked us: What do you think is the best way to go about figuring out the financing in terms of the $2000 credit that is given when using one of the preferred lenders? I don’t want to have hidden costs in the financing and plan on choosing the financing based on the best rate available, b...
A client asked us: I have a couple of questions, there are some little things about the house and we would like to know what we can do… The refrigerator smells really really bad. What can we do about this? Our reply: Since the property has already been sold, the sellers are not responsible for an...
When we do a home & walkthrough inspection, 99% of the time, the buyer & sellers agree to have a professional fix the agreed-upon items. But once in a while, a seller will want to fix items on his own. While we don’t recommend this, below is language we put into one agreement when the sellers wer...
Bank of America offers an amazing homebuyer program which allows you to get up to 100% financing with one primary loan (not a “piggyback” loan), put no money down, pay no Private Mortgage Insurance, along with a below-market interest rate (yes - we couldn’t believe it either when we first heard a...
A client was buying a new construction home and was trying to get a really good price on the home. She had a number of questions about the property. Below was our answer to her; this should give you a better idea of how we approach negotiations with builders: Note - “Jane” was the name of the sal...
A client asked us: > My understanding is that I can cancel the agreement within 3 > days after receiving the association disclosure packet. Or does > this 3 days begin if and when I sign a ratified contract? Here is the answer we got from the legal counsel of the Virginia Association of Realtors:...
Sometimes we have clients ask us if we offer rebates. The answer to this question is more complex than you might imagine. Here’s a whitepaper from our broker on the topic: When I started doing real estate (I was just an agent at this point, not a broker), I’d give a rebate to anyone who would giv...
A client wrote: is it ok with moving on the same day? I think you mentioned a final “walkthrough” inspection. Do we check the house before or after the closing? Our response: Settlement is at 1pm. We’ll need to schedule a final walkthrough before settlement - how does 12pm noon sound? It should o...

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And...Thoughts from the head of an Entrepreneur: How I'm trying to effect positive change on the world.

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