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Hello Fellow Realtors,     Let me share a little bit about our family Real Estate company first.   I have been in the Real Estate industry most of my life (41 Years Young) and as the son of a Broker who's not only my mother, mentor and most of the time my best friend! And, even though we have bee...
Our whole goal as this market went spiraling downward was to be in front of the trends and figure out how to obtain bank owned listings. Lets face it in time there will more bank owned listings than any other types of listings. The money will and always will be in getting listings, my broker and ...
Hello All, My name is Martin L. Berze (Licensed Real Estate Agent For 10 years) and I would like to chat a little about the foreclosure market. We are entering into a time in the Real Estate Market that I believe no one has ever experienced. I personally have seen two downturn markets yet never o...

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