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It is my assessment that people are most comfortable in sales situations when they know their wants and needs are being addressed. So how do you know if your clients are comfortable with you? are you communicating with them the way that they need to be communicated with? It has been proven time a...
Closing scheduled by the end of the month? Is your clients lender conditioning so much that they may as well condition for a blood type as well? CALL ME! 24 hour turn around times for underwriting and docs! TRY ME.....ü   No co-borrower minimum FICO•ü     No Asset Verification - No Source or Seas...
That's what we and our clients will be saying in a few years who decide to get out of their spending habits and living beyond their means. Condencing liabilities and saving money for the sake of living a comfortable life when we retire is not a concern for the Joneses'. As a Direct Lender in Oran...
Hello all! I am new with creating a identity on the web site and when I declared in the end of 2006 that I was going to become more involved and then I realized there is a lot to be said for 2006 and I wanted to share! 2006 is finally coming to an end; but wait, finally? Is it just me or do the y...

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