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Selman Home Inspection Blog offers articles and practical advise for home inspectors, consumers and real estate professionals. Selman Home Inspection services the North Texas real estate community, home buyers and sellers with, "Accurate Investment Protection You Can Trust".
Dallas Home Inspections Blog, Spring Home Maintenance & Improvements Maintaining Your Home Series Spring is in the air! After a long winter, I think we are all ready for some sunshine. Spring is when we get excited about being outdoors and enjoying our yards. Our Spring Home Maintenance Tips will...
CSST Blamed For House Fires   More house fires and deaths are being blamed on CSST (corrogated stainless steel tubing) installed in homes since 1989. Proper installation is important but may not be enough. Professional Home Inspectors have been reporting defects such as the lack of electrical bon...
Benefits Of Choosing Selman Home Inspections Reasons More North Texas Agents Refer Us Than Other Inspectors   Besides delivery of world class home inspection services, there are many benefits that home buyers and sellers get with every inspection we perform. Trusted by thousands of agents and the...
Dallas Home Inspections, Fireplace & Chimney Maintaning Your Home Series   Proper maintenance, repair and upgrades to your fireplace and chimney are an important part of protecting your family, the home itself and the contents. Many house fires are caused by defects, inadequate construction and i...
Dallas Home Inspections, Grading & Drainage Maintaining Your Home Series   Defects in soil grade and water drainage around homes is a common problem that should be corrected to improve the longevity of your home's foundation performance. Things like high soils, low soils, erosion and improper dra...
Roof Covering Inspection, Repair & Maintenance Maintaining Your Home Series   Roof coverings are important to homes for obvious reasons. It is vitally important that the roof covering of your home be routinely inspected. Water penetration from damaged roof covering materials or improperly install...
Roof Structure & Attic Common Defects Maintaining Your Home Series While there are not many items to maintain in a typical attic, there are a number of common defects that should be corrected to meet current building standards. Many of these improvements are essential to better performance and en...
Maintaining Your Home's Exterior Walls Maintaining Your Home Series   The exterior walls of your home protect the contents and help keep the interior dry, warm (or cool) and comfortable. The exterior walls are the defense against the elements of nature. It is important that the exterior walls are...
Dallas Home Inspections, Interior Home Maintenance Maintaning Your Home Series   If you found any cracks in your exterior walls, it is a good idea to look at the same areas from the interior. Cracks in interior walls adjacent to any observed at the exterior may be signs of foundation movement or ...
What's Important To Your Real Estate Business?   Whether you are a real estate agent, broker, appraiser or home inspector, you are "in business". Even if you work for a company, most real estate professionals are self-employed in one way or another. Being self-employed has many benefits. It also ...

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