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Selman Home Inspection Blog offers articles and practical advise for home inspectors, consumers and real estate professionals. Selman Home Inspection services the North Texas real estate community, home buyers and sellers with, "Accurate Investment Protection You Can Trust".
The Limitations of a Home Inspection   The Home Inspection Defined   A general home inspection is a visual inspection for system and major accessible component defects and safety issues. The inspection is not technically exhaustive. A "general home inspection" and a "home inspection" are the same...
Water Intrusion - Protect Your Home     Water Intrusion - Protect Your Home     Except for the foundation, water is not your home's friend. There are numerous areas were water leaks or water intrusion causes damage to your home. Proper maintenance and professional installation is key to preventi...
Termite Control & Prevention In Your Home Wood-destroying insects and other organisms can cause serious problems in the wooden structural components of a house, and may go undetected for a long period of time.   New Construction   All chemical soil treatments, bait systems, and chemical wood trea...
The Importance of Down Time   If you are driven to succeed in business and love what you do for a living, you may find it difficult to stop and take some down time. I know I do. It has been my mantra that if I am not performing a home inspection, I am working on the business. And, because I love ...
  Your House Is Talking To You! As homeowners, we really should be listening to what our house is telling us. Yes, your home may be talking to you! Not in words but in quiet, whispering signs and evidence. Listed below are a few of the thousand of possible things your home may be trying to tell y...
What's For Lunch? Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors along with others have one simple thing in common, "What's for lunch?". As road warriors traveling from house to house each day, we normally want to eat on the road between appointments.  Over the past few months I have come to realize that...
Home Inspection Upon Taking Ownership Of Your New Home   After taking possession of a home, there are some maintenance and safety issues that should be addressed immediately.Selman Home Inspection Company always recommends hiring certified, licensed professionals to perform tasks which homeowners...
I truly enjoyed this blog post about home inspections. As a home inspector in Texas, I see what this article is talking about every day. So many agents want a simple, "clean" report at most any cost including the expense of thier client. Where is the integrity in that? As a member of "Camp 2", my...
Home Inspection Tips Foundation Repairs - Finish The Job   As a Professional Home Inspector serving North Texas, I see foundation repairs on many homes I inspect. Some say that in North Texas, it is not a matter of if but when a home's foundation will need repair. Foundation repairs are very comm...
What A Home Inspection Is, And Is Not In the home buying process, a professional Realtor will always recommend that you have the home inspected. Many agents refer their clients to outstanding, honest home inspectors who perform unbiased inspections. Other agents refer inspectors who provide "soft...

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