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Booth TheATER 3/09 Some days when I wade through New York City traffic or try to keep my cool when dealing with a mindless bureaucrat, the only thing that makes me stay here is the arts and theatre in NYC. As a member of the Theatre Development Fund (TDF) I go to a lot of theatre, some good some ...
La Villita 1249 Avenue U Brooklyn, NY 718 998 0222 If you want a cheap, but interesting family meal Avenue U is definitely the place to go. There are a half dozen Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants, but one Mexican Restaurant La Villita. This small Formica table place has maybe a couple of dozen ...
Triple Z 1410 Avenue U 718 382 4328 With Ducks and half pigs hanging in the window, there is no doubt that this is an authentic Chinese eating place. There are lunch specials as cheap as $ 4 and the food is very fresh, as there is a major Chinese market next door. A la carte main courses run abou...
  Lalezar Turkish Restaurant 2715 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 718 769 7003   My group of friends decided to go to Lalezar for lunch. Two of us arrived early, and we told the restaurant that other were coming, we were told to take a seat in a darkened dining area. When we were approached by a waiter, w...
Primorski-  282 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11235  718-891-3111 In almost the center of Little Odessa ( a.k.a. Brighton Beach ) is Primorski. A nightclub, known for its copious buffets and flowing Vodka, but they are also open for lunch-or are they??? There was a ro...
Grotta Azzurra 177 Mulberry Street NY NY   Times are tough, especially in the restaurant business.  Saturday night in Little Italy and there were many empty tables. Grotta Azzurra was doing only slightly better than some other restaurants on Mulberry Street. And the reason is SERVICE. The most fr...
Bollinger's Family Restaurant 282 Main Street Farmingdale, NY (516) 501-4990 Approx hrs 8:00a.m. -10:00p.m.    There is a mythical place in American culture called "the malt shoppe". It is where teenagers come after school to safely meet, giggle and gossip. It is where old men come to have their ...
A Vegetarian Feast at a meat restaurant-A Restaurant Review   Tanoreen 7704 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209 718 748 5600   There are a lot of small ethnic restaurants in Brooklyn, some are better than others, but occasionally one stands out. Tanoreen is a Middle Eastern Jewel in Bay Ridge. A sto...
Casa Calamari 8602 Third Avenue 718-921-1900   I hate warming trays! When I walk into a restaurant for the first time and I see warming tray, my first reaction is to walk out. Foods left sitting in warming trays loose all texture and remind me a very bad junior high school cafeteria. Casa Calamar...
  Who Knew?!? San Remo Pizzeria, a Restaurant Review   1408 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226   In Italy, practically every pizzeria has a sit down restaurant in the back room. They all serve pasta and they almost all are great places for dinner. The food is carefully cooked, the portions large a...

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