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It's amazing what real estate legal research reveals.  For example, while researching liens, I came across this Washington statute: RCW 68.50.120Holding body for debt — Penalty.   Every person who arrests, attaches, detains, or claims to detain any human remains for any debt or demand, or upon an...
On December 28, 2006, the Washington State Supreme Court decided in Cosmopolitan Engineering Group, Inc. v. Ondeo Degremont, Inc. that the state’s registration of contractors act, RCW 18.27, provides for attorney fees for the prevailing party in an action against the bond, but not in an action ag...
In years past, the construction industry saw a wave of lawsuits arising out of water intrusion damage to condominiums resulting from improperly designed or constructed siding systems.  In response, the Washington legislature imposed a number of testing and inspection requirements affecting “mult...
On Thursday night and early into Friday morning, Western Washington was hit with one of the worst wind storms in the region’s history. Puget Sound Energy reported almost one million customers without power, and despite round-the-clock repairs by approximately 350 crews from nine different states ...
The Supreme Court recently ruled in Ballard Square Condominium Owners Association v. Dynasty Construction Company that a 2006 amendment to Washington’s laws regarding lawsuits against dissolved businesses applies retroactively to bar lawsuits initiated prior to the law’s effective date. Ballard S...
For my inaugural blog post, I'd intended to write something both insightful and witty that would shed some light on the dense fog and ubiquitous grey areas that make up much of real estate and construction law.  I became distracted, however, when one of my arts clients - a pro bono hobby I pursue...

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News, tips, and tricks from the attorney's point of view.