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What is your take on cloing gifts??  Do you bring closing gifts for your clients on either side of the transaction??  I usually bring a closing gift no matter the size of the price of the home, wether it is on the sale or listing side of the home.  What do you think is right??
It is amazing how fast the week has past and the goals that I wanted to achieve from Monday are due!  I have one more day to get two homes under contract, but is has been slower than I wanted.  How have you been doing?   Any movement in your market?  The Denver market is starting to move better f...
Hey All, How many of you have had to talk to the Lender of your client about the HUD deal you have going on, HUD is a different kind of fish, it is their rules or no deal, man trying to have the lender understand!!  My buyer went under contract with a HUD townhome, wanted a 203K rehab loan, it di...
It is amazing how on the way to work, you have a plan for the entire day, the times are blocked out for certain things, and you are set to have a very productive day. Then a phone call, an unexpected visit from a client, or a last call meeting that you wanted to make.  It is always a wrench that ...
I have the Colorado Real Estate Update course this morning and I always liket to be heard and also listen to the others for what they have to say and think.  The class is usually boring and all the same with very little changes, you know how it is.  It is usually who you take it with as to wether...
I have to admit that I wasn't working late that night or even setting my alarm to watch the Royal Wedding, but by chance, I woke up to the TV on the right channel.  I don't know if by chance we had turned it on the channel before we fell asleep or watching the prewedding rituals that night, I usu...
Hi everyone, it is getting late again and after a long day, I still am trying to turn off the computer.  I do love to write though and talk about what happened in the day, sharing stories will help us all work better.  Be open all of you and let us know all your stories, Please.  Talk to us every...
Ok, well the day finally came where I worked part of the day, somewhat productive, and came back to the home office to get it organized.  It has been a long time coming and it is amazing how the paperwork piles up, but now, it looks great..Still a little to do but, I am happy with the way it turn...
On Friday, I was in the office doing some work and taking calls on files almost catching up. I had a Cash closing where I could actually go to my client and get signatures, then bring them back to the title company.  Well, I wasn't feeling to secure doing that, so I am glad that after 3 hours of ...
Wow, how the work piles up, it didn't feel this bad on Saturday or Sunday, then Monday came to fast and trying to divide all the work needed to be done by Friday is just piling up.  When he week started it didn't seem like there was a lot of things to get done, but then you put out a few good lea...

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