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U.S. residential real estate prices dropped in February by the most in more than a year   http://bloom.bg/gXroxM   Colorado prices are doing well, turning into a Sellers market.  Enjoy,  Duane Brown
Hello Everyone Be sure to take care today and enjoy everyone you encounter,  It should be a very calm easy day for all.  Be grateful for everything you have and be sure to enjoy everyone in your family. Happy Easter Everyone!!   Don't work today, Enjoy it to the fullest.  Duane Brown
Hello All,      Saturday is here again and wasn't is a fast week??  What do you have planned?   Did you get everything done that you needed to? Here in Colorado, properties are starting move pretty good at 250K and below, it is turning fast into a sellers market.  In some price ranges we are at a...
Usually and idea come out that is a good idea, it starts out a little bulky, clumsey, and a rough draft. Take the I PAD has been a huge idea and very high demand, but usually an idea starts out with a big clumsey idea like a computer sized item.  Well, to me, it seems like the I PAD should of com...
Today from the Dom and Jane show is the Mind Bender,  It is estimated that 3,500 5th graders will do this today??  What is your guess??  Make it a wonderful day, it is Friday.  Enjoy Everyone!! Duane
What could you give for advice on the tltle companies that you have used?   Have you had any problems if there is a claim to be made??  Enjoy, Duane
Sorry long title, but I am interested in seeing how many agents use lead companies, do you get good results??  I have tried a couple of them and only one gave me a good lead, I homeowner.com.  I have had google call me once a month to be on their first page for someone looking for Littleton Co, I...
Todays mind bender from the Dom and Jane show:: Be sure to make your guess.  There are two jobs which is 97% or more of the work force are female, One is preschool/kindergarden teacher, What is the 2nd??? I will get the answer to you in a while. Enjoy everyone, this is part of smelling the roses ...
  Today maybe a real tough day to get out of bed, the wonderful sound of bacon from outside, Bacon?  Yes, the sound of rain hitting the ground, all you need is the smell.  Sleep in Littleton Colorado, take a personal day, leave the window open, enjoy the 37 degrees, turn over and take and extra h...
So, it is getting late and you are still up, what is keeping you up so late today.  Is your business picky up these last couple of weeks or are you just playing on the computer?? I am still up because I should be getting caught up, but sometimes you are to tired to get caught up.  Sounds funny Hu...

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