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Here is some information for my fellow agents if you have not seen it.  It is from an agent in our office,  I hope you like it.  Colorado Houing Relief Coalition is changing the website. Stay tuned for more updates. http://ow.ly/4v8mG    
The Perfect Contest for Investors: the Ugliest House of the Year http://ow.ly/1c5NYQ,   This is from one of our office agents.
The last few weeks of work have picked up pretty well, there are buyers out there just waiting to go see homes that are on the market.  I have picked up about 5 clients in the past 2 weeks that are more than ready to buy their new home, the trouble is, the homes we are looking at are being looked...
Have you ever had you day where you scheduled to show a client 12 houses and after you finished the 4 hour task, your client wanted to put in an offer right then??  So you call the agent to ask a few questions and before you could say two words, the agent said it went under contract 2 days ago.  ...
Hello Everyone, I love to get information straight from the agents mouths, it is a great way to see how markets are moving throughout the country.  If you would be honest and let your fellow agents see what kind of movement is happening, we all would benefit the information to our clients and hav...
Don't you hate changes most times?  If it isn't broken don't fix it..  I get so tired of looking up Single family detached homes and constantly see townhomes and condos come up on my search.  It should be perfectly clear that a Single Family Detached Home says it all, but NOOOOOOO, I always see A...
What is your personal life like?  Kids in the picture, their school, activities, sports and play time with them??  Every night I sit here and try to reflect on what I did today.  Was I productive today?  Was I a good Agent to my clients?  Was I a good father to my kids today??   It is hard enough...

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