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Most buyers in today's market are concerned about getting a good deal. This really is no different than most markets, but there seems to be a special emphasis placed on the "deal" now. So, here are the steps to making sure that you get the best deal possible: Negotiate the best mortgage terms pos...
I need a contract negotiator for my listings full time.  This is an office job for someone who wants a lot of experience quickly.  Basically, this is an awesome job and I need help now! Contact me soon if you know someone or you want the job.        
The home buyer credit that buyers need to be aware of today is a home buyer tax credit of the greatest proportions in U.S. history and the home buyer credit isn't just coming from the United States Federal government. It is additionally coming from many states in the U.S. For instance, Georgia no...
I recently has a client do a video testimonial for my by email - cool concept.  And, he noticed that I have worked hard to make my process work to sell homes and lessen the client confusion that many clients feel.  http://tinyurl.com/Duffy-Testimonial Take a look and see what you think.
My family and I are going to Cancun next Tuesday.  I would like to hook up with a referral company that I can advertise on my website.  And, I would like to use the trip as a buisness write off.  We will for sure be having our annual meeting for my S-Corp there. Any ideas on how I can hook up wit...
I have been holding city wide open houses for my listings since January of this year.  My sellers hold the houses open, willingly, and I think that the energy creates some hope for them.  I run ads on the radio and advertise on the web for these open houses.  Of course I have to teach my sellers ...
I have been doing some writing lately and I can not figure this one question out.  What do buyers want in the early stages of looking for homes? Most of the buyers that call my office certainly don't want us pushing them to use us.  They seem aloof as if they really didn't want to speak to anyone...
In today's economy (whatever that means?) a new restaurant has opened in my area.  We only have 7 restaurants and it would be great if this one was good.  It is an Italian restaurant and on the menu it talks about Stadium food? Today we went to eat lunch.  The spaghetti sauce was bland and had no...
So much conflict, deaths and freaked out people out there that I just had to look at the moon to see if it is full today?  It seems strange out there like some people are in a fog while others are just freaked out.  I want this "phase" to pass and let's hurry up and get back to personal growth, p...
I was at my kid's swim meet today.  What I learned is that my kids are really good at some strokes but suck at others.  Unfortunately, when they swim in the relay and they do a stroke that they are not good at, they bring their whole team down.  Is this typical of the agent who can't do all of th...

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