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I agree.  Many agents fail to realize how powerful the subdivsion website is.  It is more present in the mind of sellers too because I think, but don't know for sure, that sellers realize that the internet is where the marketing for their home will come from.   We live in a sub-division of 110 ho...
We are see this so much more - Buyers are smarter and they are concerned.  One of our clients checked on a CO for the house that was built in 2003 and found that there was not one on record.  Try to work through that hornet's nest of the blame game with the county!    Did You Pull the Permit for ...
The Internet has changed real estate forever and real estate is not going back to the days of the MLS being on index cards, a phone book catalog or software that sends the listing to the internet with a seven day delay! Now, as a listing agent, our job is to market to every buyer via the internet...
WOW!  We are finally making it to the new age here with some of these lenders!  What a relief.  I thought I was going to have to take my office back to paper again!  Hello ActiveRain Community, this month's DocuSign post is a re-post from the DocuSign blog.  Why a re-post?  Because we have big ne...
  Most people shopping for a house will simply look at their FICO score and figure their loan potential based on that number.  Big Mistake.  Credit reporting has changed over the years so that lenders can get information specific to the type of credit they would be extending.  For example, a revo...
ActiveRain is addicting once you get started on it.  It is a place where you can share your opinion, add ideas and challenge folks too.  The public uses it, we as agents use it and it is marking who we are and what we believe for years to come.  What goes on the internet stays on the internet!Are...
Well there are actually 88 Types of Turbulence as documented by By Referral Only.  It would help if consumers were told these things upfront.  Wouldn't it?Top 3 Things That Can go wrong in a real estate transaction   You’ve probably heard more than one story about how a buyer or seller were a day...
My office packs bags (cloth from Walmart) with toiletries, food, socks etc... every year and we take them to the homeless on the street and to the homeless in missions.  This is an easy project for group participation.  We have a lot of fun compiling the bags.I was talking with a friend that volu...
Wow, what a photo this is!  The topography blows my mind.  We live in the foothills of Georgia but we don't have ANYTHING like this.  Thanks for the pic!  MAJESTIC MOUNTAINS   What can I say  ?  The mountains are awesome to photograph.                I am especially happy that the photograph of t...
  On any given contract all the rights of termination are with the buyer unless provisions otherwise are written into the contract.  Normally the seller’s only right to terminate is based upon the buyer being in breach of contract. Should the buyer be unable to secure financing, fail to deliver e...

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