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I know that this has been covered here in AR, although I am putting mine out there for your bashing or your compliments. I have had many people comment on my logo as well as my slogan - both good and bad.  I have my back window of my car covered with them.  I attach them to everything that I can ...
Pick this weeks winners - no lineSunday, October 21TB @ DETTEN @ HOUNE @ MIASF @ NYGATL @ NOARI @ WASBAL @ BUFNYJ @ CINKC @ OAKSTL @ SEACHI @ PHIMIN @ DALPIT @ DENMonday, October 22IND @ JACByes: Panthers, Browns, Packers, Chargers *****Picking the bye teams to Not incurr a loss this week doesn't...
Are your listings or your home for sale or simply being marketed?  As a buyers agent, one of the most frustrating things that I do, and my buyers go through, is the inability to view a home that the buyers truly want to see, yet the sellers attempt to "reschedule" the showing.  This occurs WAY to...
While many in the US are getting ready for the World Series, the World is looking a bit further ahead.  While Soccer is still only the 5th largest sport in the US, it is the unmistakable leader in the world.The world is anxiously looking three years into the future to the 2010 World Cup to be hos...
Are there any Soccer Enthusiasts in the AR, or in the US for that matter?  Soccer is the fifth largest sport in the US although #1 in the world and growing feverishly in the Frisco area.  There are over 4400 participants in the local youth league, with only 1200 participants in Football (and that...
A question that can only be answered effectively by Rainers.A client of mine used an interesting term the other day in a context in which I had never heard.  While standing on the rear porch, she made the comment, "this would be a great place for a pergola".  To which I responded, "to where".  Sh...
The Dallas North Tollway extension from State Highway 121 to 380 is expected to open on Friday 9/28.  This is a welcomed update to the infrastructure providing continued improvements to what is a truly remarkable city.  Below is the report from the NTTA.org website:Opening of Tollway Extension to...
Do you have a "Motivated Seller"?  A better question is do you have a seller that is not "motivated".  Does this get more or less showings?Does this get lower or better offers?Does this get offers sooner?Is this counter-productive for a seller who is trying to get the most for their home that the...
Right here in Frisco, Texas you can enjoy great sports in World Class Venues at many levels from high school to the farm leagues to the big leagues.  And within a short 30-45 minute drive, you can enjoy the best of the best All-Americans.Baseball - Enjoy great seats (because all of them are) at t...
As a Realtor I get asked all the time: When is the best time to Sell and/or buy? Answer: When you are ready! Not the year before, and not the year after.This is not being flippant, this is the truth, and it really, truly is that easy.Waiting for the optimal time to sell, will find you looking bac...

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