Disney’s Old Key West   December 180 $10,260 MORE INFO   Key West is a beautiful place. The pastel colored cottages, white picket fences and tree lined roads are nothing less than quaint perfection. If you were hoping for a laid back vacation in Key West but the kids wanted to go to Disney ...
  2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 Animal Kingdom $5.67     $5.44     5.0143     4.95      4.86      4.71   Aulani  $6.25 $5.96 - - - - Aulani  (pre July 27, 2011) $4.77 $4.48 4.3071 - - - Bay Lake Tower $4.50 $4.22 3.8943 3.78 3.67 - Beach Club $5.65 $5.50 5.2751 5.14 5.07 4.80 Boardwalk $5.84 $5....
Filed under Client Comments … Client Comments We used them last August and they were wonderful. They are so efficient that our contract closed a lot quicker that others on here that were submitted for ROFR at the same time. I think some companies sit on paperwork a while whereas the...
We at hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend with family and friends and are ready for a great summer!  As always, we have been extremely busy selling DVC. The available listings amongst the resellers are decreasing and buyers interest is as active as always. This is starting to ...
    How to Discover the Expected Resale Value of a Timeshare.. By Richard Marquette Valuation is perhaps the most confusing aspect of timeshare ownership, and the one area consistently targeted by many timeshare related scams that prey on consumer misinformation. Discovering the potential value o...
| 2012 Annual Dues | 2012 Point Charts | 2013 Point Charts | FAQs for Buyers | NEW--Bay Lake Tower 160 $93 Feb--160 pts for 2012 + 160 for 2013 + 160 for 2014. $14,880 (#142) REDUCED--Bay Lake Tower 210 $92 Aug--19 banked pts from 2010 to use by 7/31/12 + 220 for 2012 (10 banked 2011). $19,320 (...
Disney Vacation Club point Charts for 2013 for all timeshares for sale or for rent     Disney Vacation Club point Charts for 2013
Dues cover the operating costs of the resort (employees, park transportation, housekeeping, utilities, etc.) as well as property taxes and some allocation for long-term repairs and upgrades.   When you purchase a DVC ownership through the resale market, all dues will be current at closing. DVC bi...
Disney Vacation Club contiunes to rank highest in timeshare customer satisfactoion, based on Market Metrix's customer surveys for 2011.    Read the article here:  
The “Use Year” marks the time when you receive your anual allotment of points from Disney. It refers to the 12 month period starting on the first day of the “Use Year” you own. In other words...if you own a December Use Year, DVC will put your allotted points into your account on Dec. 1st of each...

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