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Anchorage is pretty much a city like any other. We have most of the national stores and malls.  That's probably not why you want to come to Anchorage!  I know some this is a disappointment to televisions Northern Exposure fans.  A big advantage to Anchorage is you can get out of town fast.  An ho...
You are thinking of selling FSBO? Are you kidding? Selling your home on your own isn't a good idea for a novice in any market, but especially the one we find ourselves in right now! Hire a professional and spend your time focusing on what you do good at!
Anchorage totally missed out on the best part of summer. It was a reasonable spring and early summer through June. In July it started raining and couldn't seem to quit. Anchorage Daily News reported a new record for consecutive days of rain. It's 30 as of my post today. A work-mate of mine is wor...
The optimist in me is always watching for signs the Alaska market is getting stronger.  The truth is Alaska has been very lucky compared to many cities. Blessed, even! Still, after 15 consecutive years of each year being a little better than the year before, it would be nice to get back to a robu...
If a picture says a thousand words, this video speaks a volume about living in Alaska. Sure, Anchorage is a bit off the "beaten path", but in a lot of ways thats not all bad! Anchorage is a young city with a lot of opportunity!
A friend of mine, who has a great technical mind, (and happens to have a real estate license), had a interesting idea for a real estate sign.  He noted that real estate signs haven't really changed very much in years even though technology has advanced greatly. Greg, my friend, said "wouldn't it ...
We recently listed a home that I am really proud of!  The home was built from huge Douglas Fir logs from  Homer Alaska. The logs are massive!   You can look at the main site to learn more about the company that provide and frames the homes.  The site is called www.AlaskaTimberFrame.com I have to ...
Whittier Alaska is a very scenic small town and harbor located about an hour from Anchorage, and a gateway to Prince William Sound.  Just the drive is somewhat of a unique experience.  There is 2.5 mile tunnel you have to go through to get to Whittier.  The tunnel is an engineering feat being the...
I was sitting at my computer yesterday and had this thought "With the market slow down, I wonder what a guy would have to pay for a  small house on a lake in the Wasilla or Big Lake area?" As you know, Wasilla is about 45 minutes from Anchorage and Big Lake is roughly an hour from Muldoon in east...
Replace your kitchen counter tops and give your kitchen a jump start! When it comes to upgrading your home one of the primary things to get your biggest bang for your buck, would be to replace the kitchen counter tops. There are literally dozens of options available to you!  Take a trip through y...

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