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No matter the contest or event when the name of the winner is announced excitement and desappointment are two emotions that occur at the exact same moment.  Every year the entertainment industry honors their own with the most prestigious award that an actor can recieve.  Every nominee considers i...
Let's be honest! For those of us associated with the housing industry we have been dealt a bad hand.  That said, we still continue in our daily effort to improve our own personal goals and if possible help others to reach theirs as well.  It is amazing how we come together as a community and a na...
It is amazing how we collect so much "stuff" every year.  Most of us make an effort to spring clean and get rid of all those items that we realize we have used in the past year.  However, the leftovers seem to mysteriously produce more stuff.  It is a never ending cycle.  Just as nature renews it...
I don't know about you but I always prefer to get paid for the work I do.  The question is are we worth the money?  Yes we are!!  We have all heard and know the comments made about real estate agents and how some sellers would rather do it themselves than pay someone else a fee.  In today's ever ...
We all know that each new year brings challenges, disappointments, and successes.  This past year was a major challenge to all of us.  No matter your income level each one of us experienced some change in our life.  This year I am dedicated to increasing my client base and creating beautiful livi...
This past year proved to be a challenge for everyone.  However, with each new year we are all excited about the new possibilities that await us.  Most New Year resolutions center around improving our health and well being.  Because without good health we cannot achieve the goals we set for oursel...
It is hard to believe the holiday season has arrived once again.  We all seem to have so much to do and so little time to squeeze it all in.  Shopping, cooking, parties, concerts, etc. the list is endless.  To top it off you have to take time to pull out the boxes of decorations and set aside tim...
I love to decorate!  Why?  Because each time I re-design a client's home I have the privilege of expressing their personality by utilizing the items they already own.  We all have our own unique personality and no where is it expresed more than in the furnishings and accessories we have in our li...

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