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My beautiful niece/goddaughter/cousin Natalie married Mark in Bakersfield, CA on her Grandmother's and my Birthday in May of this year. What a lovely tribute to her grandmother to marry on her birthday. (Her GM is also my Aunt........big complex family, lol) Her GM said to her what if you have sa...
Cigar Guy has been spotted everywhere. Who is he and why does anyone care! Apparently he is a phenomena and you will be spotting him on Halloween everywhere. Cigar guy is a random dude who was paying tribute to a Spanish golfer and was caught in this picture behind Tiger Woods. Go figure...........
No I don't have this listing, I don't think our whole MLS in Lubbock, Texas has this much value! The view and the landscaping make this home worth the money? Don't you think? The nieghborhood appears to be sound and I think it will hold its value. I highly recommend this property...............oo...
Please read our monthly news publication that goes out to our database each month. I wanted to share this to provide you information about Lubbock Events. We include fun things to do in Lubbock, Market Statistics, our listings, and of course our preferred vendors that do so much for us and our c...
Lubbock Market Statistics September 30, 2010 Welcome to the wonderful world of houses, where your agent does matter.  This month more than ever the market overview ending in September shows a slide in Lubbock towards a Buyer's Market. The Inventory in Lubbock is taking over 6 months to sell in al...
I think that Russel posted something really interesting.  I had no understanding of how to start groups, where to look or the meaning of starting a group and I really appreciate his post.  It is a good read............make sure to look through this blog. Wanda Kubat-Nerdin of St. George, Utah, re...
Keller Williams Realty has a difference, we attract agents that think out of the box. Are you ready for a change! Are you ready to profit share? Listen to Mike Brodie and see how his life has changed as a result of profit share. I don't share what Mike shares, but on the 21st of every month I get...
Free is always a great thing.... everyone should know about these porograms.  They make my job so much easier in life.  Hope this article helps everyone as much as it has me.  Have a fabulous day!!!! Have you ever had a picture that was in the wrong format for uploading to a website or Blog?  Let...
How About The Top Ten Nightmares to Avoid At Your Closing   •1.     Your lender goes out of business, drops the ball, oops you don't really qualify!       Make sure you talk to your Realtor and get their advice on a Mortgage lender, they are not all created equal.  Does the lender have a reputati...
Can you believe that so many markets are still undervalued..............Las Vegas.....41%, Dallas, Texas 27%! Wow! Listen to the latest statistics about where to buy now if you are hunting for a bargain. There are many places to put your investment money.........lot's of room for future growth o...

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