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       The Top Ten Signs that Your House May Be Haunted!                                                      Something or Someone Touching you.............and nobody is there! Animals are acting funny...........barking at mid air or at a room with no one there. Feeling like someone is watching y...
This is something I really want accomplished and haven't done it right yet.  Thank you Melissa for sharing this information and I am so glad to re blog it to share again with our AR rainers.  It is a good tool.Have you ever wondered how everyone gets those Social Media buttons at the end of their...
The best way I know to spread this information so well written is by re-blogging.  It is quite interesting on how an outside blog gives us twice as much exposure as we have with only being on AR.  I have to admit I also am re-posting this to bring it to my assistant's attention because she is so ...
Another sample of a dance that has been done for centuries among the Basque. I am fascinated by my heritage and enjoy learning and sharing this information. I hope you enjoy it too. The Basque are the people in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain. There are 7 dialects of the language ...
As we all are, I am very proud of my unique heritage. My parents came from the Pyrenees Mountains in France after World War 2 to the United State. I have been fortunate to be raised in the USA and equally fortunate to be able to celebrate my rich Basque Heritage which I have passed on to my son....
Keller Williams is Growing because it gives the agents the ammunition they need in today's market. They are also willing to share. Check your local market and get into a BOLD Class today. It will skyrocket your business to new levels that you didn't think you could attain. I am excited about my b...
There are certain things I must remember and I want to share with my AR friends and customers too.  No matter what your business or your job being BOLD in life is important. Some of my favorite Bold sayings are Your business grows to the extent that you do BE*DO*HAVE Clarity is Power A life by de...
Tomorrow is a new day, tomorrow is a new month.  It's time to sprint for the finish so let's finish 2010 strong to start 2011 stronger! While all around us agents are leaving the business, I am making a vow to be here again next year and the year after that too!  and then some more! Real Estate h...
This is everything and anything you have ever wanted to know about copyright information.  It is risky to steal someone else's content.  Sure, so and so down the street has been doing it for years and they have never been caught, but time is ticking and besides that it just isn't the right thing ...
The Diamond Group was established in 2001 after joining Keller Williams Realty.  I was intrigued by the way teams operated and decided to begin working as a team instead of a single agent.  There have been many ups and downs, learning, growing and changing but I wouldn't work as a single agent ag...

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