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WHAT IS AUTOMATED UNDERWRITING? Realtors and home buyers have likely heard lenders use the term automated underwriting, but many don't understand exactly what that means.   Automated underwriting is a computer program that uses an algorithm (a mathematical formula) to provide a loan recommendatio...
Can you get another FHA loan if you already have an FHA loan on your current home and plan on keeping both homes after closing on the new one?  Does FHA allow a borrower to have more than one FHA loan? Contrary to popular belief, FHA does allow a borrower to have more than one FHA loan in certain...
Trigger Leads have become a hot issue in the mortgage industry.  Many people believe that telemarketers and junk mail simply happen and there's little or nothing they can do about it.  Most people are familiar with the do-not-call list, but many are unaware of opt-out-pre-screen.  The reason is s...
Secured Credit Cards As a realtor in the city with the lowest average credit score of the largest 25 cities in the U.S. (Dallas, TX), I spend an enormous amount of time working with aspiring home owners on how to rebuild their credit.   Every situation is different, but one particular theme keeps...
There are new rules in effect for buyers who are retaining a primary residence but want to purchase a new home with FHA financing.  In an effort to keep borrowers from walking away from their obligations on their current mortgages, FHA has changed the rules for home buyers who want to retain thei...
Getting a mortgage with no credit is not impossible, but the guidelines have recently changed for FHA loans.  Non traditional credit has often been allowed in place of traditional credit when qualifying for a mortgage.  With the recent changes in credit score requirements for many loan programs, ...

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