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Imagine my surprise when I got the mail earlier this week and discovered a book that's not yet available to the public. Then I saw it was Seth Godin's newest book, Tribes: We Need You To Lead Us, and I got just a little bit giddy.You see, as a marketing/sales type, I think Seth really knows what ...
At Sibdu, we’ve seen some pretty decent success with our video efforts. Because we're all about helping commercial real-estate practitioners with their businesses (along with our friends at ActiveRain, of course), we're bringing you "Our Story," in the hopes you can learn from us and succeed with...
Readers of my regular blog ( have been innundated as of late with my posts (read: ramblings) on why using video in commercial real estate is good. Brand building. Promoting yourself as an expert in (whatever field, property type, geographic area, etc., you're in). Promoting listing...
Hello, all. With the upcoming launch of Sibdu, I've been very busy blogging at our main blog site: . As always -- well, most of the time, anyways -- we cover topics of interest to commercial and investment real-estate agents and brokers, including sales tips, marketing, tech...
NOTE: The below is a repost from our blog. I thought it was big enough, though, to post here at ActiveRain. If you disagree, please let me know and I'll take it down, no problems. Want to see where Sibdu is going, design-wise? Unfortunately, I can't let you "in" right now -- too much virtual sawd...
Patrick Foley did a great job at describing the advertising advantages of using Craigslist. So rather than re-list them, I suggest visiting his post. In fact, we're already using it for promotion of the upcoming launch of our Sibdu platform.There's two others, though, that can work great if used ...
It's been awhile since I've posted here. I do have a blog where I post regularly at, though.Besides promoting Sibdu as the next great platform for commercial real estate property and site search, Sibdu Blog also advises commercial real estate brokers and agents how to take best adv...
A question for all of you AR commercial real estate practitoners. A friend of mine who is still in CRE brokerage (I got out a few months ago to helm the business efforts of a new IT firm servicing the CRE brokerage sector) asked me what I thought of AR for commercial.I had to tell him that I wasn...
In Part I of this article, I explained why handwritten notes are...well...just so darned super. All kidding aside, they really are. Here's Part I. Part II is below:Here's some quick tips for writing notes:* Card shops and stationery stores sell supplies for personal notes. You don't need anything...
Hey, all. I just discoverd a resource that I've already used with great success. Plus, you can even tie it in with your activities here at AR!It's called FastPitch Networking (, and it is a very cool site. There's actually so much going on there that you can do (blogs,...

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