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Bouncey Bouncey PayPalIt has always been my policy to require payment in advance for a variety of situations. If the job requires me at 4AM, if the caller tried to be “vague”, even if the job is very distant and requires extensive travel. PAID – sounded nice, but it really is a construct when usi...
Redaction – the legal EraserWhen something needs to be changed, typically the spelling of a name; there are many wrong ways. There is only one right way.Wrong RedactionsIf you wish to destroy, as in making it generally unacceptable for most filing and legal purposes, the surest way is to plaster ...
Rich Man Poor ManHere is some shocking news – wealthy people have an easier time paying a higher notary fee compared to poor people. Wow! Whatta surprise. Pardon my obvious statement. But I do wonder why so many notaries are struggling with signing service fees – fees paid by little entities with...
Problems with WitnessesToday I processed a “Plum” of an assignment. From my prospective (looking back upon the confirmation) all went smoothly. The Seller side job was a thin package, about 20 pages and the documents had been shipped to the Seller. It was a “high profile, big bucks, important cli...
They Want A RefundIt’s a very routine start to the project. We agree on a time and a place. The document is sent to me via email and I am assured the affiant will be on site as scheduled with proper ID. It was a cold morning in Manhattan, wind chill about 25F, but the little Honda Civic cranked t...
The Joy of Repeat ClientsIt’s 11pm and I’m going to see the Veterinarian, also a mobile service provider. She had a busy day and it’s only when she returns home for some sleep that I can witness her signature. She has been a constant source of business. As with many new clients, I first insisted ...
Do Unto OthersWe all know the “Golden Rule”, Do Unto Others as you would have them do unto you. There are some circumstances where a subtle addition to the end of that sentence might be appropriate. I add “but do it first”. Thus where you know NeverPaySigningServiceLLC won’t send that check; get ...
Things that Work Well In this installment I’m going to share a variety of things that work well. Most of them will be new to you, but I have been using them for years. Almost all are available on Amazon, there you will find additional information, and reviews by others; or a Google search.Alfred ...
Remote Control home / any PC from Cell PhoneMy career with computers often required the remote control of distant PCs. In that commercial environment I used a tool called Remotely Anywhere, it’s still available. RA is feature rich, a tool for the PC technician needing to analyze and resolve remot...
Notary as Also a Witness - can lead to problemsDespite the popular expression, this Old Dog is learning new tricks. But first, a little background as to how I “used to” handle this issue. When I am able to review in advance the docs (edoc) I always would scan to see if there was a witness require...

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