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First Race of the Season!  Every year I can't wait for some warm weather so that I can start running OUTSIDE without leg warmers, gloves, ski hat and a jacket.  Over the last 3-4 years, I've stayed inside during the winter and used the treadmill at the gym to keep in shape.  Now that I've been ru...
When I started collecting articles a year or so about green homes, I never imagined that there would be such a huge growth in consumer interest in this subject.  Now, just about every other week, there's an article in our local paper or magazine about ways to make your existing home more energy e...
I recently had a buyer who was interested in purchasing a house but needed to sell their house before they could buy (a Hubbard Contingency).  Sure, they could get a home equity loan or bridge loan but didn't want to risk being stuck with owning two houses.In this buyer's market, sellers are more...
We are pleased to have the Eagle Festival again this year in Essex, sponsored by the Connecticut Audubon Society.  Yes, you heard right, the Eagle Festival with real, live, wild American Eagles, within view of the naked eye (but better with binoculars or spotting scopes). For more details go to: ...
Years ago, in a former career, I made weekly trips with co-workers making sales calls on our major customers in the Midwest.  My job was to offer technical support to the sales force.  We often would propose questions to each other to stimulate our minds and pass the time as we were driving 100 o...
Remember Excel?  Many have Microsoft's Excel and find it useful for keeping a database (setting up a mailing list) and number crunching.  I'm suggesting an easy Excel spreadsheet that can be used on a weekly basis to let you know what you need to do "short term" to reach your yearly financial goa...
 I don't know why this subject has been on my mind lately, but I suspect it's because of all the Holiday Parties and all the handshakes we make with people we meet for the first time and those we know.  It's been my experience that guys give handshakes at parties almost 100% of the time with both...

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