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Good tips!  The weather has turned cold and now’s the time to think about winter energy usage.  All of the items listed below are worked overtime this time of year due to lower temperatures, less daylight and holiday entertaining. PGE recently published some solutions that may help keep energy us...
remembering...     Today, at 11 AM, stop what you're doing for two minutes and remember the thousands that paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can do what we do today-whatever it is. There's a link to a neat video you may enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYlrrAWCTRg
casaGURU Cares is now being prominantly promoted on Habitat for Humanity Canada's website! casaGURU’s initiative to help local Habitat for Humanity affiliates is still going strong and now we’re getting even more support directly from Habitat for Humanity Canada by beingc promoted on their websi...
I caught this interesting segment on my local news last night regarding Vampire Energy. It discusses how when you think you've turned off an appliance it may still be sucking energy (bad for both the environment and your energy bill): http://www.globaltoronto.com/video/index.html?releasePID=56QLS...
Here are some good green tips...the only thing I'd add/modify is with #2, instead of just sleep, turn it off and unplug it (even when an appliance is "off", if it's still plugged in it could be using energy...not good for the environment or your energy bill).    1.  Turn off your faucet.  An open...
Came across this blog full of quotes. Some made me snicker and some made me think. When you have the time it's an interesting list to read. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.One of the blessings that I find with social media and networking is the plethora of wonderful, fun and thought-provoking quo...
Better excuses than, because I like/need my caffeine fix!!! Your daily cup (or three or four) of coffee or tea could actually be improving your health.  Research shows that embracing your habit just might reduce your risk of... 1.  Endometrial Cancer.  Women who drank more than four cups of coffe...
Good info for Torontonians to know! Toronto's new "311" service was launched today.  The new service, available by telephone by dialing direct to 311 or on line at Toronto.ca/311   will provide a "one stop" phone number for residents to access City services and report problems.  311 operators are...
I liked these easy ways to get greener (k, well they're not all easy, but still...) 10 Simple Steps to Green Living    Last week, Shoreline Properties conducted a class on "How to Go Green" presented by Beverly Vosko of  Beverly Vosko Interiors.  She was kind enough to share with us some simple i...
Sounds like it could be a place to pick up useful tips.Last week I wrote about the exciting new one on one training program that ActiveRain is offering for those who want to become a Rainmaker.  Well the response has been so great that I have been very busy with those sessions.  But, many have as...

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