Today's mail....come on Tax Rep Members...its time to save taxpayers and add $100,000 to your 2021 bottom line!
I spend much of my day resolving taxpayer issues with the IRS.  And though everyone wants to focus on the cool stuff - making massive debts vanish for pennies on the dollar - it actually all starts with "Tax Compliance."So what is Tax Compliance you may be asking...good question!Tax Compliance me...
In this week’s Tax Rep Network Podcast, Eric discusses why those tax rep clients are pure gold, and how you should consider these cases to save the client, elevate your practice and help all of us tax paying citizens!Check out the podcast (episode 108) here:
Most Taxpayers do not know how to properly utilize their accountant.  Joining Eric on this week’s podcast is Marcelino Dodge.  Marcelino is the President of Cash Tracks Financial, a firm that provides personalized, professional tax, life insurance, & investment services to a wide variety of indiv...
I bet you didn’t know that I (Eric Green) am on the subcommittee for the ABA tax section’s Criminal Tax committee?  Well on this week's podcast I am joined by my committee members Laura Gavioli and John Nail to update everyone on where the IRS stands on voluntary disclosure for both domestic and ...
Joining Eric on this week’s podcast is Alex Robnett. Alex is the Chief Strategy Officer at Elementus, a blockchain data firm headquartered in New York. Listen in as he and Eric discuss how blockchain and virtual currencies will alter the entire financial reality for everyone, business and individ...
As a follow-up to their earlier podcast (#83), Eric is joined again by Mike Villa from Meadows Collier in Dallas and IRS Supervisory Special Agent Gary Alford to review how to bring a whistleblower claim to report tax violations, what the IRS looks for, how to make sure the claim is actually look...
For Episode 100 Eric invites Amy Vetter to join him and discuss how those struggling with their job and career can make a change and begin doing what they love.  This change is very doable and does not need to be the radical shift it sounds like.  You can listen in as both Eric and Amy discuss ho...
Green & Sklarz LLC is presently hiring for 4 positions. (1) bankruptcy/litigation associate,(2) bankruptcy/litigation paralegal,(3) estate planning paralegal, and(4) legal assist/receptionist.  All positions are for our New Haven office.  If you enjoy a fast paced and collegial workplace we may b...
I was thrilled to join Marcelino Dodge on his Tax Answers Advisor Podcast this week to discuss where IRS Enforcement is headed in 2021 and beyond.  You can catch the edpisode here:  Episode ...

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